New build- blocking neighbours windows & boundary query

10 Dec 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi all,
I just wanted to know if there is any rule on blocking a neighbours window and boundary distance for a new build property please.

Here are the properties -
Mine is the end of terrace house and the new build is next door on the right-

And heres my window at the top of my stairs-

And my new view looking out of the window :eek:

As you can see my lovely view I used to have up the road is not quite the same anymore :(
The distance is about 450mm between us and i just wanted to ask what your opinions on this are?
Just seems a bit unfair & I don't know if its legal or not?
Thanks scott.
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Unfortunately no-one has a right to a view and, assuming the house next door has planning permission and Building Regulations approval, there is nothing you can do.
Ok thanks,
Yes it does have planning permission , the unfortunate thing for me is that at the time when planning notices were issued to immediate neighbours and others, our house was rented out at that time & the tenants failed to forward on the letter to us , so the first we new of it was when the building work had already started.

Oh well that's life. Thanks for the reply.
I shouldn't be too concerned about not having had the opportunity to object to the original application.

Had you done so, it's quite likely that the planning officer would have dissmissed your concerns. It would be regarded as unreasonable to alter the design of the house, or even prevent building altogether, on the basis of protecting one small window to a landing.

Just bad luck, unfortunately
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Yeah, I guess your right.

At first the planning design and build was for two open garages.
With this large pitched roof on top

Obvious his intentions were to later apply for planning to change it into a two bed dwelling.
And the guys father works for the local council planning department, just makes you wonder :?:
:eek: erg..bit of a shame isnt it.......maybe take a picture of the view that used to be there, frame it and hang it on his exterior wall??

Or maybe change the glass in the window to tranlucent/textured glass....
And the guys father works for the local council planning department, just makes you wonder :?:

You could well be right, and this sort of thing must go on all the time. Not bribery or full-blown corruption with back-handers, but gentle nods in the right direction. Try proving it, though!
They could have at least given you some decent pointing to look at, its horrific for face brickwork but I guess they thought no-one would see it.

You have no right to view but you do have right to light and there are specific calculation for this. However as it is a stair/landing and not a habitable room I'm not sure how much weight this would have carried.
Soffit / guttering / pointing / window repairs and maintenance are going to be interesting for you...
Ugh. That bricking is shocking. I recommend you fit a camera hidden in that ivy, looking down the street and replace the window with an lcd tv wired to said camera. It looks to be widescreen sort of aspect..

maybe an opportunity to remodel internally,shift the stairs and bang another window in with a view
I find it bizarre that 2 separate houses can be built so close together - is this normal? What's the gap, can you physically get into it?
I'm not certain they would have anything to say because alas that window is not serving a habitable room. Separation distances of 13m to the side and 22m to the back only apply to habitable rooms..
The gap is approx. 400mm at the front then tapers slightly to 500mm towards the rear , just enough for a thin person to squeeze down.

And yes the brickwork/pointing is shocking ! I think the bricklayer was changed halfway through the job? the bottom half is fairly good and pointed in neatly. then as it reaches my window it changes and the pointing hasn't been finished at all.

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