New dry ridge system on old house - any ones that aren't ugly?

25 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
Would be grateful for some advice. I'm getting the roof of my 1925s house replaced. It's currently got Redland Grovesbury Farmhouse Red tiles, the fitter has suggested Renown Farmhouse red, which seem similar so I'm okay with that. What I don't like is the look of dry ridge system, the fixings seem out of place on an old house. It's not listed or in a conservation area and I know why dry ridge is preferred over mortar but my garden is stepped and a good part of the fixings will be at eye level. It's Danelaw Con6+ which is not the worst I've seen but I wondered if there's an alternative that's more sympathetic to old buildings. Thanks
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I tried but couldn't find anything. My house has some of its ridges on a single story at the front, so very visible and in your face. Stuck with replacing the mortar in the end.

My neighbours had dry ridges fitted and those in direct sun have faded badly.
The tiles are out of place on a older property .

How ever , simply have the ridge bedded in mortar with mechanical fixings . It'll hardly show . And if your chap won't do it then look for someone that can.
The tiles are out of place on a older property .
Do you mean Redland Renown or the ridge tiles?

I'd be happier if they could add mortar to the joints just for aesthetic reasons but am a bit alarmed by Stem's comment
My neighbours had dry ridges fitted and those in direct sun have faded badly.
Are they all like that or are there better quality ones out there?

Thanks for the quick replies
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Further to Stem's comment above my understanding now is that the fixing system is entirely separate to the ridge tiles themselves, so the possibility of fading is not to do with the system but the choice of ridge tile.

Looking at the alternative systems (Marley, Manthorpe, Redland, Klober) the Danelaw one seems to be the least obtrusive with just the one visible fixing on the top. Still not keen but I don't have much choice.

On another aesthetics question, if the soffits, fascia and guttering is going to be black, I'm thinking that the plastic verges would be better in black too, rather than introduce a brownish plastic colour that tries and fails to match the tile. I know these things are a matter of personal opinion but would appreciate the views of experienced eyes.

The plastic items do fade .

Your other choice is bed the ridge . Ss screw and plate at the joint . Barely visible and acceptable to BC etc
Thanks datarebal. The roofer said he would mortar the verge if I preferred but has also pointed me towards Klober Uni-Line continuous dry verge, which I prefer to the ambi-verge. Says he's replaced other makes that have split and faded but this is better quality, similar to guttering.

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