New lighting installation for gararge

4 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

Wondering if you can provide some help/guidance please.

I am looking to install 4 new LED batten lights in my garage, , and plan to install new wiring for them as well.

The garage has its own consumer unit (see pictures) with a 40a RCD, a 6a MCB for the lighting circuit and a 16a MCB for the electrical sockets.

Below the consumer unit is the existing light switch, a double switch but only one light on it.

I want to have two lights on the first switch (A) and two lights on the second switch (B).

1. Is the electrical design correct? (see attached design). Cable from CU to light switches, light switches to junction boxes, juntions boxes to light fitments.
2. What electrical cable do I require?
3. What junction box do I require?
4. Is the 6a MCB adequate?
5. Do I run two cables from the lighting MCB, one to switch A and one to Switch B, or can I just run one cable to switch A and then jumper to switch B, or either is acceptable?
6. Anything else?




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1. Don't use junction boxes. Wire to the first light and then loop across to the second one.
2. 1.00 twin and earth.
3. Not required, see 1.
4. Yes.
5. Just jumper from one switch to the other.
6. Remember to turn off the powwer before you start.
Winston1 beat me to it but my thought

6 Earth sleeve, grommets or glands?

I have run my switch drops in conduit and used metalclad switches and sockets just in case I smack then with something. It might be easier if you have a concrete garage
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Thanks Deryck. Should be OK with the cabling from CU to switch, as they're next to each other. Might run the cabling to the lights in conduit though as have used the rafters for storage.
Thanks SFK. Think I've got some earth sleeve somewhere, but cheers for the ebay link.
I have a full 25 metre roll of twin & earth 2.5mm
I have a half roll, 10 metres or so, of twin & earth 1.0mm, which I don't think will be enough.

Can I do the job with the 2.5mm ? Or use both, not sure if that's a bad idea, or buy another roll of 1.0mm.

Also, I was looking at the instructions and came across the attached picture. I think it means only use solid core and not flex, and that the cable can be anything from 0.75mm to 2.5mm



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As i said, it likely means 2.5mm² is the largest that will fit into the terminals and 0.75mm² the smallest.

I am not sure what the middle wire is. Is it supposed to be stranded with a ferrule?

The right presumably is stranded but there is no reason you cannot use stranded if that is what was there before.

Here is a screen snip from a video.
The black flex will not be solid core cable.


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