New Loft Shower Room

17 Nov 2004
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United Kingdom
We are getting an additional new bathroom with sink and shower in the loft. We currently have a Puma 80e combi. Our mains pressure is 1.5 bar and has a flowrate of 15lpm. I can't decide what new system to have installed to allow for two concurrent showers:

1. Replace the combi with a better one (e.g Worcester CDII 35) - £3,000
2. Replace the combi with a system boiler and unvented hot water cylinder - £4,500
3. Install a non-pumped electric shower fed from cold mains and plumb the new sink hot supply to the current combi - £much cheaper

My view is that #2 is the best but is it worth the extra money over #1? Option #3 would be much cheaper but suspect that I will be dissapointed with the performance of the new shower.

Any opinions?
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How did you measure your meagre mains performance? Is the pressure limited by a poor supply pipe? (ie what's the pressure at zero flow?)

An electric shower would give you backup hot water when the combi fails, without drawing too much (4 l/min) from the mains in use, so has its attractions.

An unvented cylinder wouldn't give you more than a spurt of increased pressure. YOu can't take more out of it than the mains can put in.
Thanks for the response.

The mains measurements where taken by the British Gas engineer that suggested the system/unvented cylinder solution. From what I gather they are fairly typical for the London area.
i fiited an electric shower in my loft/3rd floor. get a quality one 10kw or above and its ok..not a power shower but ok..much cheaper and as stated its a back up for boiler failure
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Thanks JPC, good to know that someone has had ok results with the electric option in a loft. I have been looking at something like the Mira Sport 10.8Kw or the Mira ATL 9.8Kw. At around £250 it's probably worth a go as I could always upgrade the boiler at a later stage.

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