New MF Printer?

11 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
I have had an HP Photosmart Premium 410b as a "Home Office" printer for I don't know how many years (we bought it from Comet, that's a clue...)

Now it's not printing black and no amount of cleaning the print head improves the situation.

So I think it's time for a new one.

Reading around, Canon are said to be more reliable than HP.

The features from the old printer I want in the new one are:

Print (there's a surprise!)
Ethernet connection to connect to router
Duplex printing
Scan to USB
Separate ink cartridges (don't want any of this "ink subscription")
Photo printing capability

The only Canon I can find that fits the bill is the Maxify MB2750:

Can I press you for your thoughts, please?
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I use HP Envy 5532 ( scanner printer copier ) because the print heads are part of the ink cartridges.

No wasted ink "cleaning" the print head in the machine, there isn't one.

Maybe the cartridges are a few pence more expensive but hassle free print heads makes it worth while.

Not all HP printers use cartridges with built-in print heads.
Why ? Do you think Which does unbiased reviews? They don't over on the P and H forum !
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Do I think the HP Envy 5532 is a good choice ? Yes I do.

It fails your requirement only in that it stores scanned images to a SD card and not to USB. All connections are via wireless, no hardware ports other than the front nounted slot for SD cards.
Thanks, guys.

Bernard: I really require an ethernet connection to connect the printer to the network via the router, so I think the Envy is out.

Dave: Can I squeeze you for a bit more please? For example, would it do what you need and be more reliable than other brands?

Where would you place Canon in the reliability chart? Top, middling, bottom? Are there any other brands you consider as or more reliable?
I told a lie. the Envy does have a USB port. My Envy connects to the PCs wirelessly , would probably connect to a router wirelessly as well ( That said I am NOT a fan of wireless when wires can be used )
OK, thanks bernard.

I have checked with HP. Your printer does not have an ethernet socket and although it has a USB port, it is for connecting the printer to a PC rather than sending documents to a memory stick.
no reliability difference between Hp and canon. cost of ink is really the only debate unless printing photos.
unless you print several times a day, in colour, you might consider a laser printer. Most are black toner only, they are very reliable and cheap to run. I use OKI, and a cartridge lasts me a few years. The cost is trifling, and it has none of this "use the ink to clean out the dried up nozzles" nonsense. I mostly do text documents and occasional charts, the text is very sharp and clear (does not smudge or run even if you wet it).

HP laserjets are very popular, I don't know if their small home tech is the same as the ones used in offices.

Colour lasers are available, and the colour is adequate for charts and posters, but not photos.

I do have a colour printer and a scanner, but hardly ever use them.

Which? best buys

Samsung Xpress M2885FW £166.26 82%
Best Buy
black-and-white multi-function laser printer with scan, fax and copy capabilities
Ethernet, wifi, auto duplex
Memory Card Support = No

Samsung Xpress M2835DW £90.30 81%
Best Buy
mono laser printer, automatic double-sided printing
has Ethernet and wifi
Memory Card Support = No

HP Colour Laserjet Pro M252dw £146.99 79%
Best Buy
Fast, cost-effective and good for text documents and spreadsheets
has Ethernet and wifi, auto duplex
Memory Card Support = No

Samsung Xpress C430W £100.00 76%
Best Buy
lacks automatic double-sided printing, but text prints look great and it impresses with colour office documents
has Ethernet and wifi
Memory Card Support = No

I guess that "Memory Card Support" might mean some kind of card like the ones cameras use, but they are not intended for photo printing.

I use Canon scanners, they scan to disk storage or to emailer or to printer, using the USB cable into the PC, the PC has a control app for the scanner. I suppose I could scan to PC and set a memory stick as the destination drive.
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My current laser printer is over 10 years old and works fine. I know that because in 2007 I saw one on clearance, and bought it as a spare, and have never needed it. It does not have a scanner or autoduplex or input feed, so it less mechanicals to go wrong than a multifunction.
Hi John

When your OKI needs another cart, how much are they?

Now I am thinking of other options and I am really struggling to work out what would be best.

As a family we do quite a lot of colour printing. The three boys are all in school, so there is a lot of homework.

Would carts last indefinitely, or do you have to change them at some point, even if they are not exhausted?

Wondering whether to get a colour laser printer, possible with separate scanner.

This is what happens when I have a choice.....if there was only one option available to me I would just have that!
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