New MF Printer?

What about a mono laser and a colour MFP?

Or is that getting silly?
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toner cartridges last for years. The model I bought takes the same range of carts as some of their office machines, and I bought a few on ebay from someone whose company was clearing out their stationery store. They are date expired now but last time I changed one it worked fine. The powder can't dry out or harden in storage like ink might. It looks like mine retail at £48, the assembly includes a new transfer roller. Some of them look more expensive but are actually multipacks, say five carts for £150.

The cartridges might have a nominal life of 2,000 or 1200 pages.

The drum might last 10,000 or 20,000. You can reset the counter, but a new one can cost a lot. They vary. I have reset mine.

It is possible to fill them up with new powder, which I have done in the past. You just need a funnel. I don't suppose the makers encourage it. They probably buy the powder at 50p a ton. Heaps of bargains on ebay, including "refilled" for a tenner, but in my case no need.

I had a look on my suppliers website, they have other packs much more expensive, presumably intended for big office colour machines.

I just looked at the Samsung section and they are a similar price range, but you need to search by part number according to the fit of your printer. cartridge&c=1129,&m=89,&o=1

The laser printer is so fast and cheap to run, for text, that mine is constantly connected and on standby. So if it was me, I would have a laser, with a colour MFP to throw away when it went wrong.

Looking at the pictures, the Samsung M2835DW is probably equivalent to mine.
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Been considering all sorts of combos...

Laser Mono + Inkjet AIO

Scanner + Colour Laser printer

Colour Laser AIO

Still not decided...:(
The first laser printer I bought when I was a student. Cost me a grand and did 5 pages a minute. HP Laserjet 5m I bought it in '92. My mrs uses photochromatic printers for her photography business but increasingly she doesn't do prints anymore. For scanning, I use my iphone.
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You spent a grand (at way-back-when prices) on a printer when a student?!?!

When I was employed (rather than SE) my then employer used HP printers. To 'save' money they decided to use pattern - low cost - cartridges until the pattern ones caused many problems including 'breaking' the printers so the cost savings where negated by having to buy HP time to re-set or replace the printers.
Also they were supposed NOT to communicate with HP over the web which they failed to do, discovered when HP updated the drivers automatically - the whole network was open to HP.

Personally I have a Canon MFP (MP610), 5 cartridges (2 black >1 pigment/1 ink< + 3 colours) never had a problem with printing/copying/scaning; the card slots is useful as the port effectively becomes means of reading/writing to the cards without direct prining. You can buy pattern cartridges for 99p. put canon originals through once every 5 replacements. Biggest problem is the continual change of cartridge dimensions for different printers - enforced end of life.
Did think that it wouldn't 'scan' with Win10 (use Win8 drivers) but it scans direct fromthe Win10 OS.
Been using Cannon MG5250 with cheap pattern carts for around 5yrs, when it says Ink Low, replace cartridge I can still carry on printing for a few days, worth a look for the current version.

5250 is still being sold on Amazon. It looks good, but it's outside our price range.:(

Hi wgt

MP610 was superseded by the 630, but that is obsolete now. I can't find which is the current incarnation of the MP610/ 630.
Great printer, great price. But unfortunately they are all sold now and are not coming back in.

The next cheapest is 90 quid dearer then VAT on top...
OK. For now I am going to buy a Canon MFP.

The only thing is, as I have found another contender, I cannot decide between:

Maxify MB2750 - 117

Pixma MX925 - 108

AFAICT, they both have:

Ethernet connection to connect to router
Duplex printing
Scan to USB
Separate ink cartridges (don't want any of this "ink subscription")
Photo printing capability

Is there anything between them, apart from larger paper capacity in the 2750?
Looked in-depth at this & the 925 has better printing and scanning resolutions and better ink yield.

Thanks everybody!
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