New road charge plans revealed

Manchester :D :D is considered a front-runner, with local authorities in the Midlands :D :D and London :D :D also pressing to be considered for a £2.5bn central fund to introduce the change.
Most of the necessary technology already exists. Lorries will be tracked by satellite and charged accordingly from 2007. The main obstacle to constructing a scheme to track Britain's 24 million private vehicles is public opinion, and Mr Darling is determined to start making the case now.

Back to horses and traps -- sh#te everywhere ....
We'll be walking and in China they'll be vehicled wall to wall ... There is a global conspiracy afoot .. we have to slide down a snake and miss a few decades !! ...... A voratious, revenue hungry HMG ... remember the Tory picture of TB with red eyes ?
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
...the Institute of Transport Studies at the University of Leeds is currently in the middle of a six-year project to evaluate an intelligent speed adaptation system that keep cars to a prescribed speed limit....

George Monbiot. Published in the Guardian 27th July 2004 said:
....A MORI poll in 2002 suggested that 51% of drivers would welcome compulsory speed limiters in all new cars.(13) And so they should. As soon as it becomes impossible to break the speed limit, the entire culture of driving changes. The other fool might remain a fool, but there isn't much he can do about it. He cannot tailgate you, he cannot overtake you on a blind bend (the satellite system could produce a different speed limit for every metre of road), he cannot play Jenson Button after closing time. The fact that the high-performance car becomes redundant in these circumstances may help to explain why the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders isn't too keen on the idea.
Unlike the road charging scheme, there are no implications for civil liberties: the car receives signals from the satellite, but does not transmit. The only freedom the system restricts is the freedom to endanger other people's lives. If cars are going to be fitted with communications boxes anyway, the cost of incorporating speed controls will be minimal. The savings, the Leeds study suggests, run into tens of billions of pounds.
So we don't have to call for very much. Just the tweaking of a scheme the government plans to introduce anyway. And the prevention of only a couple of thousand deaths a year.
Not totally sold but 97.5% .... Tis better than fines, losing licences and feeling branded a crim .. If speed is responsible for so many deaths and serious injuries, then surely it is criminal not to introduce such equipment ?
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WoodYouLike said:
pipme said:
A pro-active hi tech sensible method of pretty well getting rid of the speeding offense .. If all vehicles are abiding the transgressor will stand out from the crowd.

One of the Far East countries have a much simpler, cheaper and effective solution of finding out the speeders:

All cars have a large bulb-type lamp on top of their roofs. If the driver goes over a speedlimit, the light switches on (and can only be switched of by police officers).
How about that :!: :D :D :D

A few years back I was being taxied to Changi airport Suanapore .. the excess speed chimes were ... chiming !! roof strobe lighting the shop windows ... We were motoring through city streets in excess of 100 KPH, the driver seemed unconcerned ... several vehicles travelling in each direction were strobing like a 45p disco !!
:D :D
charley-farley said:
just a quick poll here hands up who was on their local bus lately an if Not why not ?
my complaint is they are never on time now an just say "WELL WE ARE EVERY 20MINS" but its when that 20 mins STARTS ,lol

ME! :D I was on the bus today. I had to get a train at 10:34, which meant getting a bus at 9:30 (one per hour here).

I reckon the price of fuel should include 3rd party insurance and road duty. That way heavy users and heavy polluters pay more than those who aren't, and there is less risk of hit-and-run incidents.
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charley-farley said:
"The whole car should be made out of a recycled materials and drive on bio-fuel "
LOL you aint that "tales from country cottage" fella are you

Double :D :D
Bio-fuel is getting more and more made (alcohol-factory I worked for has build a special factory for it even) and lots of left-over materials are being recycled/used in 'new' products.
No tales from the country-cottage, facts for the 'city' :D