New tap, fluctuating water temp

Ok, thanks for your advice. Why do you think it's only started happening with the new tap?
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A good question, can you measure the flowrates separately with both taps fully open, then with say the hot only open to give you around say 3LPM with the boiler set to 55C, measure the flow temp at the tap, then open the cold tap to give 6LPM and retake the tap te.perature
@Johntheo5 It's a Ideal Vogue Max Combi 40, 4 years old

@ianmcd Yes I did try with hot only and no fluctuations

Then it is definately a flow rate problem with the new tap simply set the temp at the boiler at what temp you want a shower and only open the hot tap and it will work fine , this is the problem with large output boilers, not the boilers problem, the manu tells you the flow rate it needs to work properly boilers boilers
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@ianmcd If the taps had a higher flow rate would that help? Thanks
Yes but you can do a workaround with what you have, it is just balancing what you actually want out of the shower / bath tap, the boiler has no clue what it is supplying, it just knows it needs to come on, if it cant get the heat away it will modulate down and sometimes go off, 5L/min from a 40KW boiler will never work, you can sort it by just adjusting the boiler
Right, ok well thank you very much
to prove I am correct, open the hot basin tap in the bathroom and leave it running and have a shower using your hot and cold supply and the temp will be constant, it is simply a flow rate problem you have, if you changed the shower for a much higher flow rate unit , you would get a great shower, the one you have is 10L/min, that is between hot and cold combined, so lets say 5L/min each , but your boiler is capable of 16.4 L/min @35 degree rise, up to you but as you dont have a thermostatic tap setup, I would be going for the highest flow rate possible, you could have a great shower
Maybe worth reading my post #15 again. Surely it's not too much to expect a 40kw combi boiler to deliver a flowrate at least as low as say 5LPM at 40/45C?.
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It doesn't mention a DHW thermistor (sensor) in the manual so possibly a derived DHW temperature even though its settable and may be more sensitive to low flow/high temperature, also, may be worth cleaning the DHW filter which should also be carried out with a boiler service.


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