New toilet woes

22 Mar 2006
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United Kingdom

I am fitting a new bathroom and when replacing the toilet have found that the waste fitting is in a slightly different position to the old one. I can fit the new one but the back of the cistern is about 4 inches off the wall.

I can get a flexible connector which just about fits but i have to remove not just the fixed connector that was there before but the connector that was fitted into. This connector is a straight connector but with a 40mm connector on the side for bath waste to go into.

The problem is that this connector had a connection out to the bath and basin waste. So if i remove this and put the flexible one in i have no way of connecting the bath and basin waste pipe to the soil stack.

I could cut a hole in the side of the flexible pipe and just stick the other pipe in it but this sounds like a bodge to me!

Any ideas?

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Why not fit a standard pan connector on the toilet end, then fit a small piece of soil pipe into that, then connect a flexible hose into the soil pipe then the wall conection.

You then can drill a hole in the small piece of soil pipe and fit a boss to connect your other waste.
i had a similar problem when i moved the toilet 90 degrees so it wasnt on the outside wall.
The 90 degree bend to turn it back to the old soil pipe made it stand off the wall 4 inches.
all i did was get a piece of worksurface and cut a notch in the shape of the cistern out of it.
I the fitted it as a shelf around the back of the cistern, with bracketsoff the wall.
hey presto a place to put spare loo rolls too.
(gonna work out how to add photos.. and will post them.)

ahh voila.
I presumed he was going to box the cistern in anyway, the pic looks quite neat though.
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why thank you. i agree.. even if i do say so myself.. shame about the res of the photo! :D
Cheers for the reply, but my aim is to avoid boxing the cistern.

If box behind the cistern then the original soil pipe config is ok. I can use a flexible pipe to push the cistern flush to the wall, but as i said earlier the bath and basin waste pipe then has nothing to connect into.

I guess the only way forward is to up the floor boards and put the bath pipe into the soil pipe further down stream.

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