New washing machine drain gurgles in the sink

10 Mar 2004
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United Kingdom
Not sure if this is the right board or if it should be in the appliances section.

We just had a new LG washing machine fitted to replace our Hotpoint. With the Hotpoint all was fine when draining, but now the LG causes the sink to gurgle (nothing enters the sink itself).

The washing machine empties into a spigot on the side of the sink outlet above the trap. Is this the new machine draining with more force causing the gurgling as the old machine drained without problems? Any advice on how to stop it?

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Probably just the more powerful pump forcing air out along with the water. I have an LG too, that does a similar thing, but not too bothered as in the utility room...
I guess ultimately, I'll get a dedicated waste fitted for the outlet.
You're on the right lines I think. Sounds like the new machine is pumping out faster than its predecessor, causing the water to fill the waste pipe. As the machine empties the pipe fills with water, in turn inducing suction. This suction is pulling air in behind it, hence the gurgling in the sink. Check waste pipe is clear, fitting an Anti vac trap may help, other than that if you can learn to live with it I wouldnt worry too much.
Thanks for the suggestions.

Will see how it goes regarding annoyance as the machine is in the kitchen. If it gets too bad then it looks like I'll be trying the Anti-syphon trap.

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Washing machines or dishwashers discharging into a spigot attached to a sink trap will cause a gurgling noise. I cannot see if you fit a anti-syphon trap it will overcome your noise problem. Either live with it or you will have to provide a separate stand pipe for the appliance. Even then you will still hear gurgling noises when it discharges.

As the water is pumped out the water is not being discharged by gravity and therefore will cause turbulance and noise. :)
Hi, I have had a new integrated washing machine fitted and now I get gurgling noises from the sink which I did not have before, I inserted an Air Admittance valve in the system but that did not make any difference. I am not sure what the plumbing looked like before the new washing machine was installed but I did not have any problems then. Can anyone help.



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Hi Darren,

You should have started your own thread, however the air admittance valve would only serve the dishwasher and the small bowl, not the main bowl and washing machine. You may want to move this or add another aav.
Thanks for the advice, I was not sure how to start a new thread.

No worries. If you need to start a new one in future, click on the relevant forum, and select post new thread on the left hand side in orange box. :D

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