Sink/washing machine/dishwasher still gurgling !

13 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom
we have a problem with gurgling appliances,when the washing machine,dishwasher and sink (approx 14ft from the other appliances)empty we get a lot of gurgling.when we empty the sink it gurgles over by the other appliances and when the other appliances empty it gurgles in the sink (no water comes back up the sink),we had a company come in to check the pipes with a camera etc but they found no blockages,I have also fitted an air release valve to the sink and that Has not stopped the gurgling sounds either,what I want to do now is to put a heavy duty drain cleaning fluid directly into the sink main out pipe and the main out pipe for the washing machine and dishwasher then leave it to work overnight (but to do it several times over a week or so just to see if that helps at all, can anyone recommend a real good product that is highly recommended ?.i don't just want to get something from a diy store that says drain cleaner I am looking for a highly recommended drain cleaner used by professional guys ,many many thanks in advance for any help/advice.
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larger pipework required and anti vac traps on all. It will gurgle at the sink if that's where the appliance spigot's are and they are between the sink waste and trap, that's normal.

One shot is probably the strongest you can get for domestic use but you need to be very careful that everyone knows it's being used and ensure the pipework can handle it.
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Have you checked the discharge area into drain, if the drain level is high and waste pipe is below the level in the drain it will cause noise.
Hi,the waste pipe etc is above the drain level,and we have checked the waste pipes from the sink and also had cameras along the drains/waste pipes leading into the signs of blockages....we have an air release valve under the all in all its a mystery to us.
One shot is probably the strongest you can get for domestic use but you need to be very careful that everyone knows it's being used and ensure the pipework can handle it.

ONESHOT IS CONCENTRATED SULPHURIC ACID and is NOT - REPEAT NOT - suitable for use on internal plastic pipework.

Incorrect use of this type of product has the potential to cause significant personal injury.
OK, in hindsight, maybe not the safest advice ever on a DIY forum.

I thought the point was made about the use of one shot and that it must be used correctly and used on suitable pipework, in re-reading it, maybe not as clear as it could have been for the less able skilled that may read it ;)
Hi guys,we have now decided to get another company in to diagnose the problem, they have quoted a price for the diagnoses but say any parts required would be charged if you see the problem we are having with the gurgling what extra parts could they need to fix it? I know one could be air release valves but could there be others or other works involved apart from cameras through the pipe system? as I would like to have a rough guide to costs. many thanks in advance
Tell us what the prices are ..... some " drainage" companies would cost you as much as it would be for me to have a holiday in Worcs. and fix your problem by taking a day out ;) And post some pics. of the pipework and where it goes.
The initial price to assess the problem is £110 +vat but that includes the rectifying of the problem if no parts needed...if parts needed then the cost of the parts plus £60 per hour + vat....the pic is pipework under the sink....I cannot access the pipes behind the wasging machine etc as the appliances are in front and I cannot lift them on my own but from memory they consist of a U trap,then a pipe going straight up for washing machine tube to fit into for draining washing machine....hope that helps...many thanks


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If that AAV is working correctly then there should be no pull (gurgle) on the sink trap. The utility trap is another matter of course.

Gurgling is usually down to the volume of water in the pipe filling it completely, that plug of water then cause a vacuum behind it and that vacuum then pulls air through the trap(s) making them gurgle and antivac traps/aavs would usually cure it. A blockage/restriction in the pipe wouldn't usually cause syphoning, normally a blockage would back the waste up and then cause bubbling up through the waste, it's a different sound it makes.

Installing larger 50mm pipework downstream may be the way to go. Any idea of how long the overall length of the waste pipe is till it hits the main soil outfall? Has it always gurgled?
Hi, no idea of pipes lengths all I can say is the appliances pipes that make the gurgling noises are approx 12ft away from the sink pipes(the connecting pipe must be under the kitchen floor as there are no pipes behind kitchen units)..we did have a utility room sink also (that gurgled also) but we have recently had the kitchen altered and the utility room sink taken out. We have lived here for approx 8yrs and this problem only started approx 12 months ago
You had a company camera survey the pipes - was that the outside drain pipes - did you get a record (dvd ) of the survey or see the camera pics yourself as it was done. You see I'm thinking a partial fat/lint based blockage of the drain - beyond the waste pipes (that are visible inside the house) But if the drains are definitely spotless I must reconsider.
Hi,did not get a dvd but I did watch the camera screen as they pushed the camera through the drain.the drain I refer to was under a manhole cover in the back was the main pipe into/out of house....the guy ran the sink tap then went out to the garden to determine which direction the water was coming from then inserted the camera up that pipe and there was no blockages found.

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