1. J

    Radiators Gurgling and small banging

    Hi there, I’m a complete novice when it comes to plumbing so bear with me please!! Basically we moved into a new build house and in March time we had a fireplace put in but had to move a radiator in our living room which was completed and no issues, heating worked fine....I think I only topped...
  2. K

    Help connecting 40mm anti-syphon p trap to 40mm sink waste?

    I've just got a 40mm anti syphon p trap to replace a normal sink u-bend (to fix gurgling sink issues). The upright part that should connect to the sink waste is 40mm, but as the sink waste is also 40mm there's no way for them to slot together. At the other end, the p trap is large enough to...
  3. W

    Sink/washing machine/dishwasher still gurgling !

    we have a problem with gurgling appliances,when the washing machine,dishwasher and sink (approx 14ft from the other appliances)empty we get a lot of gurgling.when we empty the sink it gurgles over by the other appliances and when the other appliances empty it gurgles in the sink (no water comes...
  4. sodaha

    Gurgling bath in block of flats

    Hi, I live on the first floor of a four storey block of flats. My bath plug hole regularly gurgles (approximately once a day). Water doesn't comes up into the bath though I can see it bubbling away just below and it is often accompanied by a bad smell. Is this likely to be a problem that I...
  5. Miggi

    Main 18 HE gurgling

    Hi all. I have an issue with the above boiler upon firing up. The unit gurgles and only stays on for 5 minutes then flashes up with Air Pressure Switch failure. It does this 3 times before Locking out. I can resolve this by draining the Condensation trap for some reason which is External to...
  6. Christiane

    New CH boiler Gurgle and air created at 3 port valvr

    Hi I have had a new boiler installed three months go, it s a Vaillant eco 418, separate water tank initially vented .Randomly massive gurgling sounds traveling through the system appeared . System was flushed, new pump, new 3 part valve and pressure relief valve. We changed pump, no change.Then...