NI Protocol - Windsor Framework

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Which is obviously a question given my earlier posts.
Even by your standards that's a stretch too much to twist a post so much to save face.
Some inferiority complex you got going on there.
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Please lend me your magic spectacles that cause you to see invisible question marks.
It's quite obvious it was a typo, because if you'd been keeping up my reply (263) to your post (262) shows I have little or no faith in polls.
So for the record if it wasn't already bleed*n obvious i have little or no faith in polls.
Enough clickbait JD?
How is adhering to a fundamental rule, that there should be a hard border between eu and non eu states, being as difficult as possible. The eu have been incredibly flexible on the NI situation. It's not their role to make things easy for the tory party's election prospects.


Be all as it may ?? But it was always there intent to cause issues / damage to the UK for daring to leave the club
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