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24 Jan 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi could anybody help please?

The previous owners of my house had a porch built on the front of the house with a new front door and left the old front door in situ, which means that now to enter the house you have to have two different keys to unlock the first and then second (old) door. Both have rim nightlatches.

I've had to remove the nightlatch on the old front door & although I don't necessarily need a nightlatch (as I have one on the new front door), I cant think of any better ideas than to replace with another nightlatch, as it gives me added security.

However I dont want the aggro of having to have two different keys to get inside my house, and as the new front door nightlatch isn't in the best of shape, I thought, I know, I'll just get two new nightlatches & have them keyed alike, so I have two decent nightlatches and just one key.

However, the new front door has a backset of 50mm & the old front door has a backset of 40mm. I cant find a manufacturer that does both 40 & 50 so I can get them keyed alike, in order to avoid compatibility problems with the cylinder. For example, I have seen & like the ERA 1830 : 1830.htm#axzz2KETOPQqR

which is fine for my 40mm, but ERA don't do a 50mm backset nightlatch.

So my questions are :

1) Does anyone know of a manufacturer that do 40mm & 50mm nightlatches which i can get keyed alike

2) Assuming not, if I buy the ERA 40mm, could I order an additional ERA rim cylinder & fit it to another brands 50mm nightlatch (eg Yale)

3) Am I better off just adjusting my new front door backset hole from 50mm to 40mm so i can solve the problem by buying 2 x 40mm nightlatches

4) Am I missing something obvious (eg i dont need a nightlatch on the old front door?)

Would really appreciate some guidance from someone, as I have been driving myself mad with this one for a week now!


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you can usually fit any rim cylinder tail [spindle] in to any night latch case so you should be able to buy 2 keyed alike cylinders , and can usually buy the main lockcases seperate,[without the cylinder /keys]

for example

you could have 2 yale branded rim cylinders keyed alike

1 operating a Era branded nightlatch
1 operating a union branded nightlatch [they did used to do a 50 mm backset dont no if its still available ]

or just put a nice shiny finger plate over the 32 mm hole where the cylinders been fitted
ok great, as long as I have that cross compatibility between the cylinder tails & the night latch cases then I think thats my solution.

I suppose Im not going to be spending that much buying 2 x cylinders & if it doesnt work I could always get my money back on the nightlatch cases.

I'll give it a go.

Thanks for you help.

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