Nisaan serena brake lights dont work

7 Jun 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi all
My brake lights on my nissan serena 1998 gx have stopped working, checked fuse which is fine the bulbs are 21/5 and have tried a spare and that does not work only the side light element within the bulbs work.
However when I turn the whole bulb around and touch the contacts both elements go very bright but obviously it wont lock in place.

There is also a problem with the high level stop light situated on the top of the tailgate window, that does not light up at all. it is a P21 bulb,have put new one in.

Is this a bad earth maybe and do any of you know where the earthing point is for these lights so I can clean it, it could be the under pedal brake switch but I need to eliminate first.


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Not a bad earth, because other lights would be affected. And the tailgate light would be on a different earth.

So head straight for the switch, it may have just popped out of place.

But how do you get the two filaments to light-up in the bulb when you twist it?

Are all the other light off, or are the tail light switched on?

If all other lights are off it would indicate power coming from the brake light switch, therefore its not the problem
First of all, look and see if the switch has come loose and needs adjusting.
If not:-
Try removing the switch and bridging the wires ( by-passing the switch ) with the ignition on. If the lights come on it's the switch

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Hi all

Thanks for the replies, I replaced the switch which was very easy, £30 from main dealer, very pleased as it passed mot test this afternoon.

Very much appreciated.