Nissan Serena 1.6GX Fan Control Lever

7 Jun 2006
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United Kingdom

Wonder if anyone can help, I have a Nissan Serena 1.6GX 1998 and have a problem with the Fan control lever.
It is numbered 0 1 2 3 4, zero being off, 1 blows minimum and 4 blows maximum.

Today the fan only worked and still does on number 4 and not on 3,2, or 1
everything else ie air conditioning, heating is working.
I am puzzled as to why it is only working on the one selection.

I would appreciate any advice please.


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It'll be the heater resistor. You'll need to find it and replace it. It won't be dear but it might be fiddly.
Thanks for the reply Stivino,

I will certainly take your advice and let you know the outcome.


Hi again

Just been quoted £39.20 plus vat for new heater resistor from Nissan dealer. does anyone know where the old one would be situated as they do not do a manual for the serena.

If it is not too complicated I will have a go at replacing it myself, thanks again any info would be truly appreciated.

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Should be near or on fan motor.Buy new one first then look for same thing.
Hi Everyone

Just replaced the heater resistor on my serena, anyone else with the same problem here goes...

The heater motor is situated under the bonnet and is easily accessible (the black plastic casing to the far right hand side) to gain access, first you must

1.Remove spare wheel
2.Undo three bolts holding windscreen washer unit
3.Unclip black plastic cover which is the widscreen wiper motor next to heater motor (2 clips)
4.Undo 2 bolts (top) 2 nuts (bottom) on the wiper unit which you can move to the side, you should now have access to the heater unit.
5.Remove three philips screws and take off cover.
6.Remove 2 philips screws which holds the resistor and simply pull off with help of small screwdriver.
7.Once you have inserted the new resistor and replaced the 2 screws, test the heater and it should now work.

It took me 1 hour but now I know what to do, it should take me half that time. regards and thanks Stivino for correct diagnosis.