Noisy Radiator

2 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi In my kids room, the radiator makes a slight rattling noise as soon as the central heating is switched on. It still gives of heat and all the other radiators are fine. I've tried bleeding it but no improvement. Unfortunately, it looks as if the threads have gone on the Yorkshire Imperial valve, as the hand control twists round and round with no effect. To add to the confusion, we get occassionaly a couple of days where the radiator is silent, like the rest, and then for no apparent reason it all kicks off again ! So I'm stuck with a noisy radiator and a broken valve, it seems. Can anyone please give me advise as I can't get hold of a plumber for weeks.
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If it's not a TRV on the rad then it's turning round & round because the plastic cap is knackered, take it off & open it fully with a pair of grips or pliers.
Thanks for your reply Keego - really appreciated. The only thing I'm not sure about is whether it's a trv or not. Looking at the plastic cap, there's certainly no numbers on it, but it has an arrow on it telling you which way to turn the radiator off. Turning the similar plastic cap on the other radiators, we can control how much heat the radiator produces, by turning it towards the off for a cooler setting and turning it away from the off for a hotter setting. However, we do have a separate thermostatic dial on the wall to control the overall heat in the house, which leads us to believe the radiators don't have thermostatic valves. Do you think this is the case? Hopefully this makes sense. Thanks for your time.
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you may find that you get the noise when all other rads are shut down, or maybe just another one rad opening, this means that the pump is pumping through at a gallop, and that is why you have the noise, i had a similar noise in my rad, just make sure the wheelhead which controls the on off, is on the flow, (the pipe that gets hot first), and the lockshield on the other side. try turning your lockshield down a bit, by turning screw clockwise, dont turn it completely off, just turn it clockwise till the noise stops. have the boiler on when you do it, but be warned, if you close the lockshield completely , rad goes off, so just try turning the valve down. hope this works.

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