Normal boiler noise

3 Apr 2009
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United Kingdom
I have just had a Baxi Solo HE 15 fitted-it seems quite noisy and I am not sure if this is normal or not. It is in my kitchen so I do notice the noise-is it right for it to sound quite noisy especially when it first starts up? Not just the firing up but the general running noise.
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that isn't terribly helpful-of course I have and he is an idiot, hence the reason I am asking on this forum!!
Woah .....just asking,bit tetchy ain't ya? To answer ,this boiler should be pretty damned quiet , if you are not happy with it get intouch with the installer(idiot) and take it from there.
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Noises are hard to resolve over the web.
No boiler is silent. Nor should they make a racket.
What has the installer said about the noise?
Are you speaking to the installer or the firms owner?
Yes, everyone and no one seems to have a clue, hence my asking. Please can someone just tell me the NORMAL noise this boiler would make which is what I really want to know-everything else is in hand thanks.
noise is good=its working.
no noise bad=not working.
have you asked installer his comments on the noise.
noise is probaly the most difficiult subject for the guys here to answer,that is why not so many helpful replys.
could be normal operational noise or a poor installation.
you really need to ask the installer for his comments and let the guys here know his comments,
On full power many boilers are about 60 dBA at 1 m.

How noisy is yours?

Noise is a hard thing to resolve, being humans we all have different tolerances to types of noise.
The boiler will make a noise, especially when first firing up and working hard. The noise it makes might sound some what strange if compared to other boilers you may have had. Modern fan assisted modulating condensing boilers sound totally different to an old back boiler or older type of boiler. What are you comparing it too?
It shouldn't be making any banging, severe clicking, crunching or bubbling volcano sounds.
Any sound described as a hum, whistle, drone, roar, buzz etc might be normal and as expected, depends on the severity and your tolerance to noise.
Other things can effect the sounds such as resonance, and echo from boiler position in house and the struture.

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