Not able to log into Screwfix

20 Jan 2016
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United Kingdom
I'm just letting people know that Screwfix have changed their login password requirements to be passwords between 13-20 characters long. I found I couldn't log in on any of my devices last night - and I had no prior warning of this change either so I obviously thought my account was hacked! If you can't log in then you need to reset your password.

Thanks, Dave.
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Roy Bloom was banned from the Screwfix forum .
Maybe they have changed the password requirements to stop him from trying to rejoin under another username.
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Screwfix wouldn't accept an order yesterday but not problem with logging in with a password less than 13 characters. Don't know why such complex requirements are needed, if someone knows your password they know your password. Having recently got the banking app its been a revelation how easy it is to pay bills etc.
According to the CC guys, Tool station is cheaper. So maybe your lucky day.

I bought some Milwaukee organisers £40 each the other day from Screwfix. Now £56 quid.
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