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OK, may have seen from previous posts that I have been laying a maple floor. It's going ok but it is very time consuming as it has to be layed strip by strip. Went out last night, oh oh, here we go. Thought, great a few more strips down, job (getting) done, very H.P. Hmm, well....
1) strips didn't seem to go down quite as well as anticipated
2) Got annoyed, kicked a chair, no shoes on, hurt big toe badly, but didn't really rergister due "going out" earlier.
3) Had to use probably excessive force on clamps to push wood together.
4) Removed clamp, but due to excessive pressure on clamp, sprang back mighty quick, and broke index finger. :eek:
5) Still not completely with it, layed a few more planks but was a little over generous with the glue.
6) 2 am, either fell asleep or passed out, don't know, but lay on newly laid floor, woke up at 5 am, but due to over generous application of glue, was sadly stuck to my own floor !!
7) Shame faced and remorseful today, but last nights endeavours are now all rectified. Moral of the story, NEVER do DIY after a good night out.

Oh yeah, forgot, but I also managed to cut through the cable of my drill press with my mitre saw, well cunning that ;)
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No. 6 ... Most embarrassing. But it had been a hard day. Fortunately the kids "woke" me a 6 so I could crack on with the job. :cry:
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The wood strips don't weigh much, yes I'm still genuinely off work, however I'm a bit apprehensive about picking up a radial arm saw on Thursday, weighs 53Kgs, now I definitely can't lift that up at the moment. The reason I can't go to work is that I'm not insured to drive for 3 weeks min post op, didn't know that at the time, but boy is the old DIY cracking on at a pace. Need to do some work in the loft, but this is currently well off limits (too strenuous).
I reckon that if they put some kind of stipulation like that on a vasectomy, far more guys would be up for it. Could you imagine it? 3 whole weeks off work on compulsory sick leave, the wife has to do all the running around.

I'm sure most men would give their left b****ck for that. In this situation the right one too. ;)
My mate has it done in London first thing in the morning with the laser beam type op and went back to work in the afternoon ! When I has mine done the old fashion way :) I was walking around like toffee up my a*se :LOL:

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