Number of phones on a BT line


13 Jan 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi, apologies if this has been asked before, but what is the maximum number of phones (corded, plugged-in, not wireless) you can put on a standard BT line?

We've got a master socket in with Broadband and a number of additional sockets around the house and I'd like to put in several traditional phones and a set of external bells.

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Normal phone line has a REN of 4. This means you can plug in 4 off REN 1 devices. You can also get a REN Booster which will increase the number of devices you can plug in after the device. Clicky
Thanks. I will see how I go and maybe try one of those gizmos.
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Now, assuming I have one of the boosters (as I will within the 2-3 working day promised delivery time), it seems to me that I will have to connect it in such a way that it boosts the REN before the sockets which are hard wired in throughout the house. That is, I've got:

- my main BT line in;
- off that I've got Broadband and, through a two way splitter, a normal phone; and
- from within the BT box (I assume), the wiring going off to feed (in parallel?) the five or six other BT phone points around the house.

Because these last phone points are wired in direct from the BT main box plugging the REN booster in at the box won't have any effect in boosting the REN for the phones on the wired in points. Correct?

If I am right, can the REN booster be wired in so as to boost the wired in points?

Apologies if this is confusing.
Good. A succinct and helpful answer. Is this easy to do?
depends on your ability and set up

i would have thought the easiest way would be to remove all cables from master (except phone providers incoming) connect "booster" to master and connect all sockets to "booster"

I am assuming the "booster" plugs in and you plug existing into "booster"

if not you can wire it in
You can have I think it is 3 RENs wired in before the booster and 8 after. The booster has the facility to plug in or hard wire it.
The only problem when you load up the line is it may have a effect on your bb,if you need this wiring for phones only just buy a good digital cordless with 3/4 handsets and plug into the main socket..........any extension wiring with split pairs in ,running parralel with mains cable or with low insulation will be cetrimental to you dsl connection
if what you say is true, how does BB get into your house?

does it not come along a few thousand M of cable, some of which is proably swinging about in the air
yes its true it does come a couple of thousand m but if you get a poor dsl signal coming into the house you sp will arrange a visit form a bt engineer who will do a db loss and recognise its on split pairs in the bt network and correct it with no cost to you,but if you get a poor signal due to split pair on the customers wiring or any other problem you will be charged for a visit,as for the miles swinging in the air its well insulated and got to be kept a minimum distance from the electricity supply

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