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25 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom
I posted a load of questions at the beginning of the year about laying a new oak floor. Well, for reasons that no one will be interested in I had to put the job off. Now I’m doing it. I’m starting this weekend and have gone back over the helpful comments and am armed with everything I need - I think.

One last questions:

The oak is unfinished and I’m going to oil it. Any recommendations on the oil?
It’s going to take more than a day to lay the floor (obviously). Can I lay one day’s worth of wood and oil it to protect it, then lay the next day’s and oil it, or will this leave marks. I’m worried about staining the wood with dirt before I’ve sealed it.

Actually that’s two questions. Lets hope it’s buy one get one free day on DIYnot.

I’ll post piccies of the job if anyone’s interested
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Where would you get such amount of dirt from in one day? ;)

You're over cautious in this regards, but do keep a look out for dirty/muddy shoes.
Best is to finish a floor completely before you start with a finish. The finish also needs its time to cure completely, installing the rest of the floor when the connecting boards are still curing is asking for 'trouble'.

As for oils: Blanchon is a good brand. Do read the instructions properly, no matter which brand you buy in the end. You might o lightly sand your floor first, to get rid of excess adhesive and "greasy" finger marks.
Therms - invest in some cheepo sheets of hardboard ... those 600mm wide ones from one of the sheds ... and over-lay these on your new flooring as you go. This temporary narrow walkway will protect you r unfinished floor from boot marks - remember sods law. If it's wet outside watch-out for muddy dog footprints - I know from personal experience when my mutt got in on a newly sanded maple floor!!!
Guessing you might have done this over the weekend. How did you get on installing your oak flooring? Did the finish work out ok with the oiling?
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Hi all,

It’s done. I t took a week of very long days. I lifted the old floors, insulated, put in noggins because the joist run the wrong way, put down ply and then the oak. It looks excellent. I’ll post some piccies when I dig out the wires to connect the camera to the internet (everything has been moved from the ground floor - obviously).

There was some surprises like supporting walls that were built onto the floor boards; just floating on the boards, not even sitting on joists.

I’ve got down two coats of oil. It needs a third, or fourth, but this will have to wait a week or so because of the drying time.

I’m off again in a couple of weeks to do the skirting boards.
If you used hardwaxoil, two coats should be enough. Don't add more especially not after a longer time. If you have some patchy spots, apply a maintenance polish instead.
I used a floor oil, the name of which escapes me now. The instructions clearly state a minimum of three coats, which I’d say is right by the test piece I did. Having put two coats down to try and give me a chance of clearing up any spillage I’d say it definitely needs another coat.

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