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27 Aug 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi all
I have just changed my Of22 rayburn royal to a round burner, i never used the boiler side . now i cant seem to get the oven hot enough and too much heat is going to the boiler side (have 2 rads running off this) .
Has anyone done this before and have any ideas ?
I have the baffle plate on top of the burner deflecting heat towards back and right towards the oven ..
any advice welcome


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Could you post a picture of the Burner??

I am not aware of a "round burner" conversion for an OF 22 which used two rectangular burners, the Left one served the boiler and the right one served the ovens, I seem to remember a central separating baffle between the burners, so I am struggling to picture what this conversion looks like!!
Who did you buy the conversion from?? :confused:
its not a conversion kit as such , i literally took out the dividing plate out and put a round type burner in i will look for a pic ,,
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That is a Burner form an OF7 which will not give as much heat as the original burners fitted to your OF22!! ;)
Also the diameter of the burner is such that you will have no control over where the heat is distributed!!

Why did you remove the original burners???? and dual oil control and what now controls the water temperature as the original oil control had a temperature control you have serioulsy compromised your cooker IMHO
laying baffles on top of the burner could create Carbon Monoxide an Dangerous, Toxic and Lethal gas Get this cooker checked by a Rayburn specialist OFTEC OFT102. :confused:
the twin burner setup was costing absolute fortune to run and could never get it to run well (had many certified engineers try) they sold me new shells a mega £££ but the base was totally carboned up after a few months and popping like mad most of the time . .
also i never ran the left hand side burner for the water .so seemed like a good option, the baffle i have put on the top is what came with that burner and is the same as what my brother an my mum have on their rayburn burners (they both have round type burner) and i have a couple carbon monoxide alarms near the unit .
I have this burner running sweet now but just need some more heat towards the oven ..
I still have the twin burners so swapping back is not totally out of the question however that would be a last resort ..
The OF22 is a Cooker Boiler designed to heat hot water and radiators on a pumped heating circuit as well as cooking!! the OF22 was designed as a twin burner appliance what you have done will never work satisfactorily IMHO you will need to restore the twin burners - there is a lot of debate about low sulphur kerosene causing an increase in Char (Carbon build up)

It may be worth operating the unit with premium fuel such as Total Glowmax, or getting your oil supplier to add Exocet or Topanol to your oil deliveries. the depth of oil in the rectangular burners is critical as is the oil flow rate, historically OF22's have always tended to carbon up and the boiler burner especilaly so
try and find an older more experienced Rayburn engineer to spend some time setting up your cooker ;)

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