Oil burners beware !

Me too!
I'm still using Tesco plastic carrier bags too....which is also a heinous crime apparently.
John :)

I have to use them as I always forget to take the other ones.

JohnD, I'm sure a clever chap like yourself can find evidence contrary to your point, it only took me a few minutes. I don't disagree leaded petrol was harmful or can be ingested, just that it was not the only source that could influence those graphs. Peter has mentioned some of the other sources. I wonder if there are some fancy graphs around for the likely increase in leukemia and cancers caused by unleaded petrol?

I've just turned 40 so have a likely maximum of 30 years to go, what they put in petrol or whether they ban diesels doesn't put me up nor down really as it's not going to make a huge difference to my life now. :LOL:
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Off topic I know, but as I live near the east coast directly opposite Windscale I can recall five kids that died of cancers within a 20 mile radius of me in the '60's.
I guess I was lucky.
John :confused:
The problem is of course that you can prove anything with statistics. . .
And it appears that scientists impress the hell out of politicians, no matter who is employing said boffins, as long as it makes political sense. (which has to be an oxymoron)
I'm not saying that lead in petrol, or diesel particulates are a good thing incidentally, together with all the other "bad" things it's just that I wonder how important they are in the greater picture.
Don't use your car if you can walk to your destination, and use park and ride wherever possible in towns and cities, and let your kids use the bus to school, might well trump using recyclable bags instead of plastic.
I'm still using Tesco plastic carrier bags too....which is also a heinous crime apparently.
John you will (should) be charged min of 5p per bag from Tesco, and the others, from October 5th of this year.

You can instead go to the local small Spar shop where they will not have to charge!
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...34. In June 2012, the World Health Organization’s International Agency on Research on Cancer (IARC)
concluded that diesel engine exhaust is carcinogenic to humans (IARC, 2012). IARC thereby changed its finding
from 1988, when diesel exhaust was classified as probably being carcinogenic to humans. The finding from a
previous evaluation in 1989, that gasoline exhaust is possibly carcinogenic to humans, remained unchanged.

35. It is noteworthy that the IARC decision was unanimous and claimed that its decision was based on
"compelling" scientific evidence. It urged a worldwide reduction of exposure to diesel fumes as much as
possible. Large populations are exposed to diesel exhaust in everyday life, whether through their occupation
or through the ambient air. People are exposed not only to motor vehicle exhausts but also to exhausts from
other diesel engines, including those from other modes of transport (e.g. diesel
trains and ships) and stationary sources (e.g. power and motion generators used
in the energy and in the industrial sectors).
36. However, the mounting concern of the cancer‐causing potential of
diesel exhaust was based on findings in epidemiological studies that were reemphasized
by the publication in March 2012 of the results of a US National
Cancer Institute/National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health study of
occupational exposure to such emissions by underground miners showing an increased risk of death from lung
cancer when working in closed areas. (IARC, 2012).
37. Dr. Kurt Straif, the Head of the IARC Monographs Programme, indicated that "the main studies that
led to the above‐mentioned conclusion were from highly exposed workers (mines) and that they came to this
conclusion based on other carcinogens, such as radon, that initial studies showing a risk in heavily occupational
groups were followed by positive findings for the general population" (IARC, 2012)

Next objective ? Reduce 'fines' from exhaust emissions in gasoline powered engines - DPF ?

Something about the UN and their use of proxies rather than direct evidence...
How can something so important not require full on direct monitoring and testing of the people apparently most exposed - A miner working in coal and other dust particales and diesel fumes, that's pretty much in his face... Hardly outside the Hippodrome in Bristol !

The Hybrids are coming (they aint making 'em for fun)...

Perhaps Mr Cameron will remember to ensure all lorries entering the U.K. conform to the new regulations if and when this become law. :rolleyes:
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