Oil Fired Camray 3 lockout

10 Jan 2006
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United Kingdom
Recently moved to a new house and it's fitted with an oil fired Camray 3. Not sure of it's last service, suspect it's approx 8yrs old as house was converted the. The unit looks like it's been well looked after as everyhing is spotless. Today the lockout light came on, reset and away it went. The lockout has come on again since but this time all that happened when it was reset was something went buzz, click and lockout again. I slackened the blank on the unit and let some fuel out and then the lockout reset worked fine. It's since done the same again where the lockout reset wouldn't start the fan and fire the boiler until I'd slackened the blank and let out some more fuel. It looks like the lockout comes on when the boiler is trying to fire rather than the boiler flame going out then locking out. I know it could be air or dirt in the system but the filter (just after tank) is spotless and the fuel line/tank have never been emptied or mucked about with. Any thoughts are welcomed.

p.s. will be getting it serviced asap but if this is summit daft like air or dirt I can cope with that myself.
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Err beg to differ on that, if it's summit mechanical like a blockage prior to the boiler then I'm well qualified - time served maintenance technician. I did also do some Oftec training but on industrial oil fired boilers but I'm clever enough to know that if it's the boiler itself then leave to the experts. But I'm still baffled why I can get it to fire properly by bleeding some fuel (and air?) from the blank on the valve body. Without doing this the lockout won't clear.
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Update for anyone else who may have a similar problem. Seem to have sorted this now. Looks like it was the filter on the boiler unit itself. Isolated boiler, closed the fuel oil valve and removed the 4 small allen screws on the filter cover (see manual for location) and removed the filter. Quite surprised at the amount of corrosion that had built up in the filter. Anyhow, cleaned the filter, put back together, bled the system and fired it up. Locked out once more, rebled and it's been fine ever since.
Now to see about getting it serviced.

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