Oiling wooden worktop HELP

31 Mar 2013
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United Kingdom

Newbie to DIY here and not sure if I have posted this in the right place.

I'm looking for advice please on oiling worktops, I recently moved into a house and the worktops were always sticky to touch. I assumed they had been varnished maybe with the wrong type of varnish or to much? In not that great at DIY so could be wrong. I started sanding the worktops however after two hours of sanding I just ended up with clumps of what I can only describe as like cardboard and a tiny area of worktop had been sanded. I went to a diy store and was told to buy a product called Nitromors and that would remove the varnish. I used that on the worktops and it did remove the varnish. I then sanded the worktops lightly before oiling. The oil I bought was Colron Danish oil and I applied it with a lint free cloth.

The problem I have is that it has been 24 hours since I applied the oil and some areas are still sticky / wet. I'm not sure if I maybe havnt removed all the varnish or if the oil is just taking along time to dry?

Should I sand the sticky bits down and start again or will it dry eventually?

Sorry for the long post just wanted to include as much as possible.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :D
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you put too much on. You should only apply as much as will soak in and polish off the rest.

If you are quick you can clean off the sticky excess with white spirit, but it will be much more arduous than if you had done it straight away.
It sound like some of 'whatever' you describe a sticky has not been fully removed. You can wait a few days but in my experience this will not serve well, better to remove whats on with white spirit, allow this to dry and check the sticky areas, if they look somehow different from the surrounding (good) areas go over them again, repeat this until your satisfied all of the stickiness has gone. then commence with your Danish Oil finish...pinenot :)

Thanks for the quick reply.

Will the oil dry eventually or would I be best to start wiping it off with white spirit now? Would I need to re-oil the area again this time with less oil or will the white spirit just remove the excess oil?

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Thanks pinenot.

I will start trying to remove the excess/stickiness with white spirit and hopefully they will turn out well

Thanks again for the advice.
As others have said it all need's to come off,then a good sand with a random orbit sander, working through the grades say 60 grit through to 150 grit,for the look of it and to make sure nothing is on that surface that is suspending the finish, Appling oil is different to varnish thin coat's appied witha soft cotten rag wait till it goes off, lightly sand/wire wool repeat this at least 6 times, rags should be disposed of safely,used rags can spontaniously combust.

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