OLD loft conversion building regs

24 Apr 2008
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UK, Wittering, West Sussex
United Kingdom
my son is looking at a 1932 property in london and had a report - full of a... covering stuff - which we are trying to go through

one of the statements is about a loft conversion and building regs - found some history on the estate sites and know it was built well before 2012 at least , maybe a lot earlier

The landing by the the door to the top floor bedroom is inadequate and is unlikely to conform to Building Regulations.

the bedroom is in constant use and the main room

so what ????
is there a timeout like planning when after a certain date it doesnt matter

how we i find out the building regs and what if it did not comply whats the consequencies

just thought i would ask , as loads of other things to go through with the vendors who unlikely to know and the solicitors - loads more money
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Almost impossible for local authorities to enforce anything older than 6 years.
In these cases, the seller takes out a (useless) indemnity insurance, just in case the local authority decides to enforce.
When I bought my house I was in the same situation, loft converted without any paperwork.
10 years later I built a dormer conversion with all singing and dancing local authority permissions and certification.
You'll probably end up doing the same.
its not a final house for him, first time buyer , first step on ladder maybe 5 years ish
BUT good to know not enforceable

thanks so much for that info
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£610K for a first time buyer???
what's gonna be his final house, a castle???
Anyway, at that price he can offer £600K based on the non compliant landing and see what happens.
I suppose there won't be a crowd of buyers at that price, unless it's in a prime location.
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yep, hes very lucky , but truss added a lot of money to his potentail mortgage
it is in prime location - London area
no not a castle - but may move out of town, and if finds a partner / wife may move to a family house
thats the sort of cost of houses in that area £500+ 1 bed flats go for about £300+ which he is renting at the moment and due to leave as on market/under offer

have been crowds and lost out on a few last year

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