Old roof space conversion - needs felting?

Discussion in 'Roofing and Guttering' started by c stewart, 23 Aug 2021.

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    23 Aug 2021
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    Hi some advice appreciated - we have a 1901 semi, with an old roof conversion to a bedroom with recent en-suite added . From the eaves which I access from the bedroom stud wall it looks like there is no felt under the tiles . I can’t see past the stud wall of the bedroom but assume same for the high point of the roof , above the bedroom roof which is plastered. It looks like a polythane sheet is placed under the tiles at one point ... so we are going to have the other off shot roof boarded and we are thinking should both roof gaps be felled to protect the roof pace storage and then existing plaster work . There are damp meter readings in the room from survey ... roofer viewed externally and says pointing chimney stock needed plus mortaring ridge tiles ... no noticeable leaks in this room ... thoughts ? Especially on how we could waterproof without expensive gel ting job if needed ... thank you
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