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Replacing Rotted Felt Under Roof Tiles At Gutter Line

Discussion in 'Roofing and Guttering' started by WhiteVanJack, 7 Sep 2010.

  1. WhiteVanJack

    2 Jul 2010
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    United Kingdom

    Would anyone please be able to advise me on options to replace the rotted felt under the roof tiles at the point where the 1st line of roof tiles overhang into the guttering? It is for a residential semi detached property

    From reading the forum it seems that I need to remove the guttering and at least the 1st line of roof tiles followed by replacement of the rotted felt with either Eaves Trays or 12" wide DPC membrane.

    What is the actual process, do I cut away the rotted felt to a line beyond which there is no rotting then nail/screw the eaves trays into the roof joists? Or, do I slide the DPC membrane underneath the cut back felt line with some overhang into the gutter when it is refitted?

    I would be grateful for any advice on options and the steps involved from beginning to end.

  2. RedHerring2

    1 May 2010
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    United Kingdom
    The diagram on page 3 of the Guide to Roofing Accessories, on this web page, more or less explains it.

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    I'm only a DIYer but it's pretty straight forward.
    You don't need to cut much of the rotten felt back. It's not a rot that will continue to rot, more a degradation due to UV.
    Obviously the existing felt must overlap the eaves trays, I think about 150mm is reccomended. I've nailed the eaves trays into the rafters underneath the felt, so the felt covers the nail heads. I used galvanised clout nails.

    If you're using a DPC membrane instead of eaves tray it must be UV resistant otherwise it'll rot again.

    You might have trouble removing the lowest line of tiles 'cos they should have been fixed (nailed). If you have difficulty, try removing the second lowest row first.
    Don't forget to fix the lowest row of tiles when you're re-instating.

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