Oleo mac Strimmer problem

5 Mar 2008
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United Kingdom
Not sure if this topic is even covered here?

I have an oleo mac 27cc Strimmer.
From engine idle to acceleration/cutting the engine cuts out. Also hard to start.
When I adjust the high & low carburettor adjustment screws everything works fine for a few weeks then it does the same thing again.
When I adjust the high & low screws again it works fine but does the same thing a few weeks later.
What's going on?
(The screws are tight)

The Strimmer is fairly new & hasn't had much use.
Worst Strimmer I've ever bought.
I had a 30 year old marunaka Strimmer which I gave to my brother & it's still working as good as the day I bought it.
Apart from a needing a new coil pack!
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Alas, problems like these are anything but uncommon, and because these machines use such a small quantity of fuel it doesn’t take much to upset them.
If you want to get stuck in, you’ll need a diaphragm and gasket set for the carburettor and an aerosol can of carb cleaner....the diaphragms soften and distort with age and the type of fuel used, and even the state of the air cleaner makes a difference.
As the carburettor doesn’t have a float chamber it relies on diaphragms to both pump the fuel and meter the quantity of it going to the engine.
The carbs aren’t difficult to dismantle but absolute cleanliness is essential, and don’t open the carb up unless you have the parts to hand as they often split.
You should see the carb make and type cast onto the side of the carb somewhere which helps.....or post a pic!
Thanks John

I can't understand why it started giving me this bother at under a year old & had only been use a dozen times or less.
Is this normal?

As I said earlier my marunaka has had almost zero problems & I also had a nikkari with a kawasaki engine for 6 or 7 years, no problems whatsoever.

Oleo mac, heap of dung!
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Kawasaki make excellent motors and use quality ancillaries too - the same can’t be said for all oriental stuff!
Using ready mixed Aspen fuel ( or similar) may help with your issues - especially if you mix your own fuel- and do keep the air cleaner clean.

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