One thermostat to control them all

10 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom

I have two wireless thermostats - one for my radiators and one for my wet underfloor. It would be great if I could use one control unit for them both so that I don’t have to manually sync up the programs on each wireless thermostat. Is this possible? Is this what Hive and Nest do?

I’ve done some reading up but can’t get a straight answer

thanks in advance
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Yeah, I think you just need compatible thermostats with a hub.
Nest no not yet, Hive in a way but not perfect.

We can have a building management system that does a perfect job, but the price is prohibitive, so we use a compromise.

With a compromise no one system fits all, so it takes some time to work out what will work best for you. But some pointers.
1) Under floor heating is slow to react, so in the main it provides back ground heat only, radiators supplement the UFH to give good control.
2) Geofencing (auto switching on when you get near to home) needs large radiators and high quality TRV heads, the Drayton Wiser claim their heads work out when to stop heating to stop over shoot (hysteresis) but not tried them.
3) In the main the TRV is king and the wall thermostat is more like a hub taking demands for heat from the TRV.
4) Very few systems will work with ebus control and zone valves, think EPH is about the only one.
5) A zone valve and TRV basic do the same job, so systems designed for zone valves often will not work with TRV heads as well.
6) OpenTherm and other direct to ebus controls are claimed to really improve things, but often when installed the old system was never set up, so hard to tell what is due to ebus control and what is due to being set up correctly.
7) We call the guy who fits central heating a heating and ventilating engineer, and engineer means to my mind over level 3 trained, i.e. University. There are good and bad in every trade, but to set up central heating with low cost needs skill. Any Tom Dick or Harry can install top of the range systems and they work well, but to work out what you can get away with needs skill.

I have not got that skill, I did mothers house and first time around got it wrong, second attempt was better, not talking about plumbing I am talking about control. What transformed mothers system was fitting a TRV in the hall where the wall thermostat was, every set of instructions I read said don't fit a TRV in same room as wall thermostat, but that was what made her system work.

But first is what do you want? For example I am retired and spend most my time at home so geofencing really not required. For some one living 5 miles from work also geofencing unlikely to work, as not enough time for it to reheat home, simple timed changes will likely work better, but for the long distance lorry driver who does not know when he will get home, likely best thing since sliced bread.

I don't like it hot when in bed, so want it to switch off at night, but most care homes will have same temperature 24/7. So with care homes UFH is really good, nothing for people to burn themselves on and never turned off. But for me I want fan assisted radiators so it can both cool and heat quickly, not got them any more as rather expensive, but for oil fired likely the best.

This gets to next point, most gas boilers extract the latent heat, to do that they need to modulate, and in the main be controlled by the return water temperature so the TRV is king.

With UFH the return water temperature is normally cool enough anyway, we don't want floor over 27°C so likely water never exceeds 30°C, but for radiators you want more like 70°C feed in and 55°C return, so it needs skill to set up. Skill I don't have, I wish you luck.
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