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5 May 2007
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United Kingdom
I have two rooms that are stripped back to the floor joists,
ceiling joists, brick wall, and partition between the rooms

Each room has one outside wall and one party wall. The partition
ran perpendicular to the outside wall. The party walls were opposite the partition.

Whats the best order to rebuild in? I'm thinking:

1. Fit insulation between ceiling joists
2. Put up end, sole, and top 2x4's for partition
3. Batten walls and ceiling (were required)
4. 1st fix electrics
5. Add other sound/thermal insulation as required
6. Fit new sub-floor (and do pipes for radiators)
7. plasterboard outside walls (so I can run a continuous
piece of board over the partition end plate)
8. Plasterboard party walls
9. Plasterboard ceiling
10. Plasterboard partition and remaining internal wall
11. plaster skip coat
12. 2nd fix electrics
13. Fit skirting board and door trim
14. Redecorate
15. Fit radiators
16. Fit floor covering

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I didn't see you lay (for safety purposes) and floorboards, nor fit them. You also don't seem to complete the studding of your partition.

Personally, I fit my ceiling plasterboards first then lift the wall plasterboards against them but if your room is nogged all round it matters little. I didn't nog my room

I would also redecorate before fitting skirting then you don't need to mask the skirting and I would fit the floor covering before the skirting then you can plop the skirting on it and have a nice neat edge especially if it's laminate and needs an expansion joint

I didn't understand the reasoning in 7. Plasterboard is a doddle to cut

Make sure you tell your sparky that you plan to insulate the wires so they can make appropriate adjustments to the cable rating
Sounds good to me but I'd go with the OP on skirting, fit skirting then decorate and floors later imo.
If it's anything but carpet I'd always go skirting after, can't see why you wouldn't, easier and will look better (eg tiles,laminate)
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Both rooms will be laminate. Good idea to paint walls/ceiling first, then fit laminate, then skirting.

Re. Light, I plan to do the wiring myself. It's a single cable from the switch to the ceiling rose. Supply comes from an old junction box under the floor, and up some old steel conduit. The whole place was retired last year, and the were able to fish new cables through the existing conduit. I'll replace the run from the junction box to the light switch with normal grey sheathed cable (1 or 1.5mm).

They are north facing rooms, so I might fit two pendants in each room (one will be a study, and one a bedroom ... Not sure which way round yet).

Good point re. The floor. I plan to lift old floorboards (all warped or broken), put down some temp. 12x3 mdf panels and odd sheets of OSB I have lying around, then do wiring runs before fitting the 22mm ply.

I'm using 22mm ply for a number of reasons ... It's less than the existing 27mm floorboards, so will fit under landing railing base. I want to be able to lift sections in the future. Some bits need notched underneath for the old electrical junction boxes which sit proud of the joists.
Don't let the guys on the electrical sub forum hear you say you're going to wire it yourself..

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