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Outdoor Tiling - Decoupling

Discussion in 'Tiling' started by Suited72, 4 Jun 2021.

  1. Suited72


    15 Mar 2013
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    United Kingdom
    Going to be tiling externally for the first time using 600sq x 9mm porcelain. Base is concrete slab. Largest area is the patio 5mx4m.
    I understand the tile is thin for external (want it to match the existing internal tiles) they do state external use. But because of that potential weakness i'm thinking of using a decoupling mat (detra type) - is that the correct thinking to maximise my chance of success?

    - If so I cant find out if the detra type mats are suitable for external? - I have seen that the fibre type mats say they are not.

    - What adhesive (s) would you recommend between the sub-base and mat? and then between the mat and the tile? Rigid / S1 / S2? About 60m2 all in all with a thickish double bed and back buttered....cost starts get high with all S2 if its unneccesary?

    Process: scrub, vacuum, neat PrimerG, adhesive, mat, adhesive, tile, epoxy grout. Does that sound about right?

    Or if i've got the whole process wrong, kill me quick with the painful truth :cry:
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