Outlook Express emails sending problem.

20 May 2005
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United Kingdom
I normally hang out in the plumbing forum, so excuse my clumsiness with this IT stuff. I've been using Outlook Express to handle my email for ages, originally set up with a dial up provider - freeserve (now wanadoo).

Earlier this year I upgraded to broadband (Tiscali) and emails are received via this connection. However if I try to send emails via the broadband connection, they get returned to me undelivered. The only way I can send emails is to use my old dial up connection. (The email address I use ends -.fsnet.co.uk.)

Clearly this is a nuisance. I expect there's some simple solution, but every time I pull down help menus, my eyes somehow glaze over.... Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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Check that your SMTP server is one provided by your new ISP.

When sending EMail, the SMTP server will, likely as not, only forward the message to the recipient, if your current connection has been provided by them.

Providers, such as hotmail, don't give a flying fig how you're connected but, If Outlook Express is setup to use the SMTP server of your old provider, this server is unlikely to allow your traffic, unless you connect through their service.

It's possible that you will get away with using your new ISPs SMTP server to send messages with your old account details. It would be better, though, to just change over to a new mailbox, provided by your new supplier.
thanks TexMex, I suspected it would be something like that. Now this may sound a bit cretinous to you, but can you just tell me how to go about changing over Outlook Express to use the new mailbox (which I have with Tiscali)?
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jst a suggestion

allthough its not BT you have, BT have changed all email in order to try and reduce spam, you now have to tick the box (only once) that says
"my server requires authenticfication" (or similar spelling)

Tiscali may have done the same.

have / can you send an email to yourself?
Thanks hotwire and breezer. I've finally sorted it all out, mainly via the Tiscali link. Looking back it now seems so simple, but I really needed pointing in the right direction, so many thanks.
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