outside gas meter has no box

Thanks for all the responses and sorry for not replying earlier. The issue is still not resolved. I contacted EDF who said it was SGN's responsibility. They came and had a look and said to move it up so that a box could be fitted over it they'd need to replace the steel pipe coming in from the road. They sent me a quote for £780.

As I understand it I'm responsible for fitting and maintaining a meter box, however I'm not required to have one. SGN are responsible for the meter and it's safety. If I wait for it to fail or leak they will have to replace the feed with plastic pipe (at their expense) in order to do any work on the meter.

So needless to say the meter is still unboxed as in the photo.
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Teekay, at the point in which the meter becomes degraded enough for there to be a safety concern. The supply will be capped off and you'll be left without any gas to the property and to have it reconnected will cost you.

If I were coming to change your meter, or any RGI did somework on your gas appliances, you're meter would be classified as At Risk. The easiest way to fixing the At risk by the supplier would be to remove its meter, which would leave you without gas as well.

Say this happens and you go to another supplier, When the meter fitter arrived, he would not install a meter because its classed as At Risk.

You'd be better off asking for a grand off the cost of the house to cover the costs.

if you wait, you will end up paying for the service to be altered and the meter put in a box. Its a garauntee.
BGSMJack - Surely if an At risk notice is served, it is up to the owner of the failing component to rectify it, in this case the meter isn't owned by me. - I have a box to put the meter in I just can't physically fit it as you can see.
Just get an old wooden wine box, cut out notches so it sits flush with the wall, attach box to wall, then make a door for access.

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Do what craig said, as long as its waterproof and protected from the elements it should be fine.

Allow enough space for the meter to be installed correctly when the time comes to exchange it.
I have a clear plastic bag over it at the moment taped with duck tape. I assume this is safe.

Out of interest how regularly do they change these meters?
Its supposed to be every ten to fifteen years, but it should not be changed due to its AT RISK state.

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