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24 Dec 2004
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United Kingdom

I have an outside light, supplied from an fcu spurred from a double socket on the upstairs ring circuit. The upstairs ring is not on the RCD protected side of my board. The fcu is fitted with a 5A fuse.

My issue is the light sits quite high on the outside wall (it's sited directly behind the upstairs socket such that the wire enters directly into the back of the light fitting). It would perform is function better lower down the wall!

Is siting it lower down the wall simply a matter of fitting a suitable junction box where the fitting is now and wiring down to a metre or so lower down the wall? Is it something I should do myself or will I fall foul of regulations (I'm a bit conflicted as to whether the light should be RCD protected to bring to current standards?)

I appreciate your help, if not a simple task I'll likely leave it be. I'd be keen to know what junction box and wire would be suitable if this is something a householder can undertake.

Thanks in advance.
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It would be better to replace the cable with a longer bit - which is suitable for outside - 1mm² 3-core black rubber flex.

The DIYer fascination with junction boxes is better avoided.

No conflict with any regulations if you do it - nor a requirement for an RCD.
That's great, thanks. It was just it would have neatly covered the hole in the render where the light currently resides!
I can see that junctions outside may not be the best idea though.
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if you want to hide the render blow out, you could use a conduit end box and short length of conduit from the hole down into the light fitting directly (likely with a male adapter) or use a female adapter with a stuffing gland into that, and then flexed into the fitting.

I would also replace the entire length of cable with a new piece, and just use the conduit to tidy it up. You will need to use black conduit, white will be destroyed by UV. You can always paint to match the render

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