Oven cooling fan still running

13 Oct 2007
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United Kingdom

I've got a Smeg SE398x-5 single cavity oven. Since yesterday, the oven cooling fan has decided to keep on running. So I have to turn the oven off at the wall.

I'm guessing that the thermal switch on the cooling fan has broken. But I don't know if it's a replaceable part, or if you have to buy the whole cooling fan and motor.

Although the oven is only about 15 years old ;) , it seems parts are hard to come by. And although I've googled for a couple of hours, I can't find a parts list or diagram.

Do you have any suggestions please?

I'd like to have your ideas before I take the oven out and start dismantling it, because the oven does function at the moment and I'd like to be without it for as little time as possible.

What do you think?
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Probably this part https://shop.ukwhitegoods.co.uk/818731204-cooling-fan-thermostat . Take off the top cover & it should be easily accessible.

Ah, thank you for finding that part! I was searching using the words thermal switch and was getting nowhere.

I used the oven last night for about 2 hours. I left the cooker switched on at the wall so the fan would run to cool it down. Then I forgot all about it. When I went to bed I noticed the cooling fan had stopped.

Could the thermostat have reset itself?! (n) And what would you do? Would you still replace the part anyway?

Thanks for your help.
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Probably OK.
Our 'cooker' - in the present weather conditions the cooling fan is running for about twice as long as normal.
I think I would just monitor it. You could also try leaving the oven door open whilst it cools & see if that decreases the time it takes to cool. It could be related to the hot weather as wgt52 says but you don't say how long you left it before switching off at the wall. Also if the stat had gone short circuit it would have come back on as soon as you switched the wall switch back on so either way you have, if any, an intermittent fault which might be something different altogether ( a wire shorting when the oven is hot for instance)
Thank you. When it was running constantly I had left it on for a couple of hours before eventually switching it off at the wall. Even the next day, as soon as I switched the wall switch back on, the fan started again.
So now that it's stopped I'm wondering if the fan itself has broken. I used the grill for a while today and didn't hear the cooler fan running. But then again, im not sure whether it ever did with the grill!

You're right, I'll have to monitor it for a bit and hope I don't do to much damage to the wiring if it is overheating. So I may be back here in a couple of days....

Thanks for your help.

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