Cata Modus oven. Cooling fan stops when oven turned off.

17 Apr 2008
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United Kingdom
Just moved into a house that has a Cata Modus built in oven.
We used it, then turned it off and after probably 10 minutes later, it trips at the fuse box.

I noticed the control panel and front glass was hot, so checked the cooling fan was working. It is, and does its job whilst the Oven is in use. As soon as you turn the oven off, the cooling fan stops instead of over running. We've got round this be turning the temp down after use, and then leaving the door open to get the temp down.

There are limited parts available but i have found a parts list and diagram that shows a 80 degree thermostat connected to the cooling fan. Would it be this causing the problem? There are 2 other thermostats on the oven.

Thanks in advance for any info.
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What's the other thermostat connected to. Oven cooling fans, as far as I know, don't run on so I'm not sure that is causing the tripping. Checking the thermostat for conductivity or open circuit is easy enough if you have a multimeter, but ensure you do it with it disconnected. When you say it trips at the fuse box do you mean an MCB or RCD ( do you just loose the cooker circuit or other circuits in the house?
The other thermostat is at the back of the oven. This is just going off the diagram i have found of the oven parts. There is also a thermostat sensor in the side of the oven. On the part list it show the thermostat next to the cooling fan has a value of 80 degrees C, and the one at the back is 145 degrees C.

The cooling fan comes on as soon as you start the oven. I thought they start to cool the control panel when it it reaches a certain temp (80?) then stays on to cool the control panel after you have finished using it.

Its tripping the kitchen sockets. That's how we noticed,, thr light in fridge wasn't on. Narrowed it down to the oven.
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Even if the oven is overheating it should not trip the MCB if it has been installed correctly. The only diy thing you could do is resistance check the thermostats with a multi-meter to make sure they are all conducting if you are convinced it should be running on. My suspicion is that you need somebody qualified to check out the oven & the way it is installed.

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