Overseeding grass seed just planted

27 Mar 2012
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United Kingdom

I seeded my first lawn 16 days ago. It is approx 12m by 8m.

It has started to come through but I am worried about patches that still seem pretty bare.

When I laid the seed, I used a rotary spreader which I thought was my best chance of getting even coverage, but it didn't really happen and it was clear some parts were much better seeded than others. Some areas that are bare still have seed on, though not enough to suggest I'll get more than a few blades of grass.

Is it worth putting some more seed on now (or more likely come the weekend) to try and fill out the patchy bits or is it now too late in the year? (I know they say late summer is best, so maybe I'm ok at a push?). Given the size of the lawn I will obviously need to walk on it to get to the middle bits, so I am concerned that it will do more harm than good. I am also under the impression that it will be good to mow it before the year is out and, obviously if I add seed now, this will mean I will need to delay the first mow (or more likely mean I have to wait until spring?)

If it is not a good plan to do it now, might it be a good idea in spring (although given the number of weeds already appearing, I'd probably have liked to put something down to try and tackle them at that point, and with children, its going to be harder to keep feet off it over the summer than the winter).

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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Dont fret, it may be fine as it is. Most people apply seed too thickly anyway but if you used a spreader trust in the application. Dont worry too much about walking on it if you must but try and stay well clear if its very wet.

It may need lightly topped in a month or so but it really depends on what the weather does. Grass usually continues to grow right up until december it just grows very slowly from end of october on.

Any seeded lawn will have lots of weeds and these are not a mojor concern as they can be dealt with later, plus many of them will be killed by mowing as they are not lawn weeds as such just general weeds seeded on your lovely prepared ground.

If you have some seed left go ahead and overseed bare patches but dont go buying more. Otherwise leave it for now and address it again in spring.
Thanks for your reply r896neo, I think you have answered just about every question I've asked on this forum, so I'm very grateful for all your help.

I'll hope some magic happens in the bare patches then, although I am worried that some of these are several square feet and have barely any growth and very little seed is still visible.

Thanks again for your help.

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