Ozzie humour

I don't know. But there are some limp biscuits on here who might.
Are you ready yet, woody?
Accept it, you have been caught out, man up!

Evidence woody?
You did not and could not provide any evidence when you made the initial allegation. It is obvious why. You made the allegation without any evidence because you had none then and you have none now.
Proof enough that your allegation was fallacious and malicious.
Your position is completely untenable yet you are still unable to acknowledge your mistake.
Accept it. you have been caught out, man up!
I see you have deleted this comment:

Did you decide that it was wrong to post it in the first place? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
And this bit has been deleted:

Are you beginning to realise that your comments were wrong?
And this bit has had the link altered:

Is it time you took your own advice, woody?

I see many of your crude and homophobic vulgarities have disappeared.
Is this a woody epiphany? :eek:

Make it complete and man up!
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Still not able to 'man up' and acknowledge your mistakes, woody.

How come many of your previous comments have been deleted, and no trace of them?
Did you ask the mods to delete them because you were ashamed of them? Or did the mods delete them anyway because they were unnecessarily crude, vulgar and homophobic? Or were they considered potentially libelous?

Any of that I can understand.
But how did you manage to mess up the link on at least one of your comments? That would take some explaining. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
You won't be happy until you've destroyed the GD forum will you Himmy?
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You won't be happy until you've destroyed the GD forum will you Himmy?
Ahh, bless. dreamed up another useless allegation? :rolleyes:
Not quite as bad as woody for dreaming up unsupported, unsupportable allegations.
But you are exactly like him when it comes to recognising your mistakes.
Not surprising when, as his 'female impersonator' you model yourself on him. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

Ready to accept your mistake yet woody?
You must have had some evidence when you made the initial accusation. Show it to us now! :whistle:
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The punchline was deflatingly weak for such a long build up; it needed a couple of sentences at most to keep it snappy.
I was on a plane sat next to an Ozzie lady and, you know, the Ozzie's like the crack. At one point I went off to the loo and found her kinda blocking the doorway, and there was someone else in there too. I couldn't see exactly what was going on so I went back to my seat and quipped to her Ozzie daughter that her mother was investigating how many people she could get into the loo at the same time. At the top of her voice -like everyone could hear- she exclaims, "seeing how many people my mother can get in the 5h1ttter at the same time, yeah? That figures!" True story.
Blimey gerry, that was ten days ago. You been away?
Anyway, it looks like you were the only one to read it. :ROFLMAO:
BTW, you missed out the punchline, about the stewardess!

I thought you were referring to my recent comments about woody being spineless for insulting me with his accusations, over four months ago, for which he had no proof at the time, and still has not been able to provide an iota of evidence!

In addition, some posters make guesses about who is a mod and their comments are allowed to remain.
I allude to woody possibly exploiting his position as a mod, and my comments disappear pdq!
That make woody's accusation, subsequent insulting , homophobic vulgarities, and his refusal to acknowledge his mistake so much worse and so much more important.
It would mean that as a mod, woody would be setting the dominant culture of making unsupportable accusations, insults and blind obstinacy.
Additionally he exploits his position to remove some of his worse comments rather than facing up to his mistakes.
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