Paint bleeding beneath masking tape

24 Oct 2005
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United Kingdom

Wanted to try something a little different and paint my bedroom a base colour (white) and then paint large blocks of colour on top. The room was originally an electric blue colour which was going to be one block. So, I masked off a block and proceeded to paint the rest of the room white. Looks cool. Apart from when I went to peel the masking tape off, the white has leaked beneath the tape.

Am I doing something wrong? How do you avoid paint bleeding beneath masking tape?

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make sure the masking tape is good quality (not cheap) and stick really tight to wall, if u have a texture on wall u may still have problems.
Try going over tape with a rag to remove any air that may be beneath.
It will probably still bleed under the tape because the adhesive on most masking tape is water missible.

Try buying some cheap insulating tape, you get a far better edge....there are also tapes on the market specifically for painting.

But they are pricey
Cool, thanks for your replies. I plan to have another go this weekend and repair the damage of the 'leak' - not sure how though so I might end up painting the room all one colour!
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Oh and brush away from the tape as opposed to 'into it'
I had that happen to me before too. Now I use a credit card (or other thin plastic card) and run the side down the tape. It seems to help seal the tape and prevent the paint from bleeding through. And yes, painting away from the tape does help also.

paint it and whip it off straight away before the paint has time to seep under.
I've seen a decorator using like an old shaving brush and hammered it round the edge first.
1. Seal the surface with spray mount adhesive (it gives low tack surface, provides a 'key' and prevents dust etc)

2. Use low tack tape (prevents any loose or weak painted surface being pulled off with other heavy tack and cheap masking tapes).

3. Spray over masking tape with the same spray mount adhesive

4. Work in small areas at a time

5. Make sure paint isn't runny or just spraypaint

better still and quicker..if you're doing simple shapes, just make a stencil with plastic acetate sheet, spray it with the spray mount adhesive and place where you want.
When going over the tape on first coat do it with a relatively dry brush. Less paint means less chance of it bleeding underneath. This will help make the seal!

Also you can get frog tape, never used it before but it is designed for this purpose.
I've used frog tape, it was ok. Insulation tape can work ok. Masking tape seems mostly useless!
Yes i know its 10 years on but to prevent creeping when painting designs etc ...even with cheap 50p rolls...try sealing the edge of the tape with the original wall colour...once dry paint up to the edge with your color of more creep and no more expensive specialty tapes.

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