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12 May 2011
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United Kingdom
I've used Glidden matt trade paint on the landing to cover some old shiny paint.

Think the shiny paint is vinyl silk but it's really odd. Where I've sanded the edge of the stairs, the shiny paint has 'peeled' as if it's some sort of coating. Lord knows what the previous owner painted it with. Under the peeling it's gone back to some sort of original layer of paint.

The Glidden Matt has 'bubbled' in places. It's not a problem, I'll sand the bubbles down and re-paint.

Why has this happed and how can I stop it happening again please? I really, really don't want to sand down the whole of the hallway and landing.

I haven't had this problem in the living room, where I'm covering matt paint with matt paint.
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Sounds as if you have applied your paint over a shiny surface and it has failed to bond, also if the underlying paint work is also peeling indicates the lack of a mist coat. You really need to sand the entire area back until you obtain a stable surface. Try using a pole sander it will make the job easier.

Where exactly do you mean by 'edge of the stairs'? If you mean the strings or treads and risers then the likely reason that the paint is peeling when you sand is because it hadn't been rubbed down by whoever painted it previously. If it is peeling just above the strings then it could be that gloss has been overlapped onto the walls and emulsion applied over it.
As Dec says, any emulsion peeling/blistering is likely to be because of poor mistcoating unless there is a condensation/moisture issue somewhere.
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Hi all, thanks for replying.

I'm painting the wall up the stairs. Some gloss from the stairs is on the wall so I've sanded it off. Some of the shiny paint on the walls has then peeled in large slices.

Paint normally 'chips' off or peels if it's not been undercoated. This is lifting in large slices. It's like it's had some sort of skim. Think you're right in that it hasn't had a mist coat, it's revealing plaster.

It's a real game to get the matt coat on. If the roller accidentally goes over the same place twice, it's just taking the paint straight back off.

Same vile shiny paint was on the ceiling. It took me 4 weeks of sanding, painting and sanding again to get it looking OK.

I'm going to try giving it a light sanding to give paint a 'bond'. Really can't face sanding the wall back (and possibly having to have it plastered).

I'll let you know how I get on!
To be honest I think your only problem is that you have painted over a shiny surface and in doing so the paint of which you are trying to apply is failing to bond, also the lack of a mist coat also seems probable.

Get yourself a pole sander and give the walls a good sanding.

Hmm, I hope for your sake that it is just a failure to apply a mist coat that is the cause of the problem, but as you mention the paint comes off if you roll over it twice and you say 'it's like it's had some sort of skim', combined with the fact that the original paint lifts in sheets, those three letters - PVA - are entering my head. Do you think/know that someone has used it to seal the plaster or existing paint surface? Hope not! :(
I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's just a combined poor mist coat and sanding problem.
Well if pva is a factor here sanding is perhaps the best option at this stage, yet the problem the op has is often associated with the lack of a mist coat and the application of an unthinned silk emulsion on bare plaster skim.

This IS the house where a bedroom wall was painted with red gloss paint. I wouldn't be surprised at anything.

I've sanded down and fillled the bubbles and have gently sanded the whole wall. Will be re-painting tomorrow night.

Then I need to tackle the marks left by an old dado rail in the living room (where previous owner didn't seem to mind and left tram lines around the room). Great.
dado rail,save your self time and fit fit a new dado rail to cover tram lines.
i have done same in my place with picture rails and result is good,sometimes a poor wall needs to be reskimmed yes i know the expense but well worth it espically in your sitting room,lounge or drawing room.
good luck. :)

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