Painting Ceilings

27 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
I just wrote this but seems to have got lost in the wierd world of the internet.
I have increasing problems when painting ceilings. So much so that I am avoiding doing them!!
I usually use dulux trade vinyl matt paint. Cut in as usual. Roller as usual. What seems to happen is every time it catches the light I notice roller marks, overlaps and areas where the paint appears thin and looks a mess!
Can I use super matt or flat matt, which has less vinyl in it or will this make no difference?
All I want is a nice flat white ceiling with no marks on it.
Thanks guys.
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The paint you use shouldnt really matter..its down to edges drying and maybe your technique...

Dulux is quite a 'dry' you should be able to thin it out by about away from the light, keep the room really cool/cold if you can, work in 18 inch wide stripes from one side of the room to the other...working backwards...make sure you have plenty of pile on the sleeve...overlap each stripe by about half... and wait til its fully dry before you decide its patchy.
thanks Zampa
Ill give it a go. When you say working backwards do you mean walking backwards with the roller?
and is water ok for thinning?
yes to the first and only yes to the second when dealing with water based paints. ;)
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yes to the first and only yes to the second when dealing with water based paints. ;)


Yep...and if you walk backwards you'll avoid getting splashed by the overspray from the roller.
Robson - You're not alone, had the same problem myself, over a period my ceilings just went to rats. In retrospect I was a) using a thicker emulsion and b) touching up as I went while still wet.

Picked up that tip about diluting about a year ago and everything miraculously sorted itself.

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