Painting Kitchen Cupboards

2 Dec 2012
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United Kingdom
Im attempting a repaint of all my kitchen cupboards. The downside, is that even after some research, I've come a croppa.

They're laminated and I've sanded them down and cleaned them. I've put on an oil based primer, left to dry. Now, this is where I've probably made a mistake. The paints I want to use, only come in water based eggshell or matt. So my thought process was that I would use a clear sealant afterwards to give it a sturdier surface that wouldnt chip and ruin so easy.

However, I've now used six matts on the primer to see which colour we like best and the paint is streaking, like it's not taking to the primer. I thought that it may need an undercoat on top of the primer, but this is streaking as well. I'll try an post an example for you.
See, some take to it fine, but others just streak. Mostly the Farrow and Ball paints.

What am I doing wrong as most of the advice states that you can use water based paint ontop of oil based primer with no issue :oops:
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You need a high grip primer like Dulux super grip or zinsser bin after abrading, cleaning and degreasing (use meths). Its a bit mickey mouse to use a matt emulsion and then a clear varnish, eggshell is suitable and the most commonly used paints on kitchen units.
F&B recommend/insist that you should use their own primer underneath their paint, so you could go super grip, F&B primer, F&B eggshell (acrylic) in that order.

It is imperative you use a good synthetic brush and the picture looks like you've got a bit of pigment binder separation, F&B are well known for this, you need to stir thoroughly and regularly, adding floetrol will help with application and working time. You will have to abrade between coats and keep vacuuming off settling dust and TBH your brush technique has to be a lot better than the picture states. I think Opps is very knowledgeable on this type of thing, hopefully he'll be along to aid you.
Cheers for that buddy. I'll pick up some super grip tomorrow and give it a whirl. I think the misses prefers the F&B colours anyway, so I'll pick up some primer as well. As for the brush strokes, I'll work on them ;)

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