Panasonic dvd recorder not recognising the tv signal input

30 May 2014
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United Kingdom
I have purchased a second hand Panasonic DMR EX77 which I am able to record to DVD and to HDD and to use the various inputs and outputs as well as transfer to DVD from HDD. However the one problem I have is that it doesn't see the TV signal from the RF lead. I have read it only has a digital tuner although it has been suggested I need to ensure it is not doing an analogue search. I didn't think it would/could if it only had a digital tuner. However after scanning the manual I cannot see how to alter the search type, if that is possible. The aerial is supplying a signal to a Pioneer Plasma system at present and I have tried using a different aerial which supplies a Toshiba flat screen TV in the bedroom. Neither source is being recognised by the Panasonic DMR. As there are no analogue TV signals anymore I assumed that all I needed to do was connect to the Panasonic and it would search and log in memory. I know it has worked as there were some BBC programmes still on the HDD and the prevoious owner did not use a satellite supply. I am now at a loss, any suggestions please. javascript:emoticon(':(')
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Hi Sam,

Thanks for response. I have to say I am now really confused as the manual I have which is titled Panasonic Operating Instructions DVD Recorder DMR - EX77EB / DMR - EX87EB has a totally different page to the one you reference. Mine refers to Recording from a satellite.
I have looked at the web site for the manuals where the page 23 was located and found only an EX77B, not an EB and all the info in my manual refers to the EX77. Hence do I have a later model that is significantly different to the one you are referencing, particularly as the remote control on mine does not have an Analogue Channel reference? The button on mine is labelled Prog/Check.

The question is now "have I lead you up the garden path by stating a model which you have provided the info for when mine is a different model. Certainly the Analogue and Digital references are there on the manual you identified but they do not exist on mine.

This presumably doesn't negate the capacitor issue which I can investigate anyway. The signal strength should be ok, although not measured as I am only 20 miles from the transmitter as the crow flies and have a 13 element aerial and virtually in the line of site .

I have tried finding the difference between the 77 and 77EB on the web and so far they just keep cross referencing each other so I can see no difference. However there is a difference somewhere as the manual on the web page you identified actually uses the word "manual" and mine doesn't.

Any further ideas / help would be appreciated.
Hi Sam,

Sorry for this but now found that the EX77B has the EX77EB reference manual, which is the one I have with my unit. Although my unit states EX77 on the fron and EX77EB-K on the back. It clearly states it is a digital only device and no analogue broadcast tuner.
So at least I know, assuming it is the E/EB version I have no choice of tuner selection and it must be looking for digital broadcasts.
Hence move onto capacitor check and signal strength.

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Will do but it must be connected, albeit not enough strength as the other tv's work when using that aerial lead.
I've seen plenty of TVs working with only a length of "low loss" coaxial cable connected! In the days of analogue, the picture might be slightly "snowy". With digital, with a borderline signal it could be perfect or breaking up .. or nothing. Just depends on the tuner sensitivity and the amount of electrical "noise" in the vicinity.
Most modern TVs have it available on-screen.
Too low should be obvious - less than 50% is definitely low.
Too high often produces a "bouncing" effect from low to high to low.
From 70% upwards should be OK.

In addition, some TVs display signal quality. This should be very close to 100% for Freeview. (Satellite can be a lot lower reading.)
Many thanks Sam for your help. Signal strength was problem although all other TV's worked ok on freeview. Cheers

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