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Panorama tonight torturers exposed in a care home.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gasbanni, 22 May 2019.

  1. SirGalahad


    1 Apr 2016
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    United Kingdom
    Why is it so bad?
  2. JohnD


    15 Nov 2005
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    Cook Islands
    There is a question that puzzled people.

    How is it that ordinary, civilised, decent human beings participated in rounding up, arresting, incarcerating and shipping to extermination camps, other ordinary, civilised, decent human beings?

    One answer is that you put them in an environment where it is normalised, and you organise things so that they each only contribute one part to the process.

    "I'm a policeman, all I did was arrest people on the list."

    "I'm a local government officer, all I did was identify local residents and put them on a list"

    "I'm a train driver, all I did was drive the train"

    "I'm doing my National Service, all I did was obey orders"

    "I'm a builder, all I did was build a concrete room with steel doors and hatches in the ceiling"

    "I'm an engineer, all I did was design a high-volume, low cost, mass cremation furnace"

    They will generally behave with whatever cruelty and inhumanity is expected of them.

    If you look at the nurses and care assistants in any home or hospital, you will find that most of them entered the profession with the best of intentions. But then:

    "You have fifty people to wash and dress between 06:00 and 06:30"

    "You have fifty people to feed betwen 12:00 and 13:00"

    "You have 100 people to look after on night shift. About half of them are confused and incontinent. There is no-one to help you. If the nurse on the next ward is ill or absent, you will look after 200 people. You will take your meal breaks when there are quiet times."


    "You will be paid National Minimum Wage but only for the time you spend with patients. You will not be paid for time travelling between patients. You will work a 12 hour shift and you will be expected to wash, dress, toilet and feed 60 people. You will only receive 8 hours pay"

    The system is designed so that honest, decent, sincere, caring people cannot possibly perform their duties and treat their charges with humanity.

    "I worked in a Policy Research Group, all I did was write a paper saying that Public Services should be run more efficiently at lower cost"

    "I was a Prime Minister, all I did was promise to cut taxes"

    "I was a voter, all I did was vote Conservative"

    "I was an MP, all I did was vote for Public Spending Cuts"

    "I was the Secretary of State for Health, all I did was set targets"

    "I was the Regional NHS Director, all I did was set the staffing levels within the budgets we were allocated

    "I was the hospital manager, all I did was allocate staff according to the approved levels"

    The minions are broken down and crushed. It is impossible for them to do what is required. Some of them will learn to hate their charges and lay the blame on them. Some will form the opinion that the old, the sick, and the disabled should be put to death, by one means or another.



    Others will achieve the same effect by lack of care.

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  4. JohnD


    15 Nov 2005
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    Cook Islands
    Gosport hospital deaths

    August 1998

    Ninety one-year-old Gladys Richards dies at Gosport War Memorial Hospital (GWMH) where she was recovering from a hip operation. She had suffered a haematoma - a lump caused by clotted blood - and was given diamorphine administered through a syringe driver.

    September 1998

    Mrs Richards' daughter Gillian Mckenzie goes to Hampshire police and claims her mother has been prescribed too much morphine. No charges are brought against the hospital.

    April 2000

    A second police investigation is launched after several families come forward with concerns. No charges are made. The General Medical Council is also made aware of concerns relating to Dr Jane Barton.

    October 2001

    Police alert Commission for Healthcare Improvement (CHI). They also look into four more deaths and two others are brought to the attention of NHS Ombudsman. But later discontinue their investigation.

    June 2002

    Mrs Mckenzie asks the GMC formally to investigate Dr Barton and is told there are no grounds for any action.

    July 2002

    A CHI report criticises the hospital's control in the prescription and use of diamorphine.

    September 2002

    Police begin a third investigation and the Chief Medical Officer orders an independent audit into the deaths.

    September 2006

    Police files on 10 deaths are submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

    October 2006

    Crown Prosecution Service concludes there is insufficient evidence to prosecute any health professionals.

    May 2008

    Police reports are passed to the Portsmouth coroner, David Horsley. In May, Justice Secretary Jack Straw announces an inquest into the 10 deaths.

    April 2009

    A jury inquest at Portsmouth Coroner’s Court rules at least five of the elderly patients who died were overprescribed strong painkillers that hastened their deaths. Police do not re-investigate.

    January 2010

    Dr Jane Barton is found guilty of "serious professional misconduct" by the General Medical Council but is not struck off. She retires soon after. In August, the CPS says there is "insufficient evidence" to prosecute Dr Barton for gross negligence manslaughter. Relatives criticise the ruling.

    April 2013

    Coroner David Horsley finds painkillers and sedatives given to Gladys Richards at GWMH "more than insignificantly" contributed to her death. He gives a narrative verdict at the end of her inquest.

    August 2013

    Department of Health (DOH) publishes a clinical audit of care covering the period 1998-2000. The audit concludes that "a practice of almost routine use of opiates before death had been followed in the care of patients." It adds "the practice almost certainly had shortened the lives of some patients."

    July 2014

    The government announces an inquiry into the deaths of dozens of patients at GWMH to be led by the former Bishop of Liverpool, the Rt Rev James Jones, who led the Hillsborough inquiry.

    December 2014

    Care minister Norman Lamb says "unanswered questions" remain about the care of the patients who died. Police investigated the deaths of 92 patients but brought no prosecutions.

    November 2016

    The government says the report's publication has been pushed back "as a consequence of the greater number of families now in contact with the panel".

    June 2018

    The independent panel report reveals 456 patients died after being given powerful painkillers inappropriately at Gosport War Memorial Hospital.
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  5. ellal


    23 May 2004
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    United Kingdom
    You were suggesting bad individuals were the problem...

    I was pointing out that bad organisations tend to more easily allow that behaviour to exist...

    And those bad organisations tend to be private suppliers.
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