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Papering over old backing paper

Discussion in 'Decorating and Painting' started by lc155, 20 Jan 2021.

  1. lc155


    20 Jan 2021
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    United Kingdom

    Looking for the best way to do this, beyond 'don't do it', as the alternative is going to be a lot of faff for a room that can't be emptied and worked on all at once. I was hesitant to even bother but both my parents say they have done this, and it has always worked fine in reality.

    To preface, just over a decade ago a room was redone, old paper stripped down to the lath and plaster walls, cracks filled and sanded, etc. Then horizontal lining paper was put on, followed by vinyl paper.

    Thinking of making a change to that vinyl paper now. However, since unlike the last time, the room isn't able to be emptied and done all in one go (meaning I'll just have to do small sections at a time over a few weeks), I was hoping I'd just be able to peel off the top vinyl layer and paper on top of the backing paper left behind, as I imagine getting that off cleanly to the lining paper underneath isn't going to happen, and it'll all have to come off if I even try.

    Beyond filling up and sanding down any visible seams, etc. Is there any other prep I can do to the backing paper before I put up new vinyl?
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  3. john4703


    29 Sep 2009
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    United Kingdom
    Could you do one wall at a time and cross line each wall. I mean put up lining paper horizontally.
    You might need to go slightly round each corner and I'd rather cross ine the whole room and then paper rather than papering a single wall.

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