patchy lawn from dog pee

3 Mar 2004
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United Kingdom
any way of getting the bald patches on my lawn to re grow...the only other advice is to cut it out and replace with turf from edge of lawn.
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Cut the dead grass away, fork over, tread down level and reseed. Follow your dog with a watering can in future and pour over the infected area to dilute.
I have been trying out a product called Green-UM. It is a small pill or a doggy treat that you give to your dog daily and the pill neutralises the ammonia in the Dog urine which causes lawn burn (apparently).

I have been trying it for about 1 month now and I have to say it appears to be working! I have cleared and re-seeded the dead patches and they are begging to grow back nicely. But more importantly, I do not appear to be getting any new dead patches!

The pill is made from totally natural ingredients so you shouldn't worry too much about giving it to pooch (and if your dog is anything like mine she eats a lot worse when out on walks!)

I have a large (5.5 - 6 stone) Otterhound and give her two pills a day, it seems to be enough.

You can get the stuff from:

The former is cheaper. I should be on comission!

Hope that helps.
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Looking at the previous post, there is also a spray for the lawn. I guesss you need to use it pretty much a.s.a.p. - ie follow your mutt around with the spray.
It's a b i t ches pee that turns the grass brown not a dogs.
They have a somewhat stronger constituent.
What Dewey said. I thought it was bitches pee because girl dogs squat, and dogs lift their leg on a tree. My Shih-tze dog squats??, but thats shih-tzues for ya. I suggest you move to Manchester. It never stops raining, so its instantly washed away.
That reminds me of a former girlfriend.
Her name was Sue and she bought a shih-tzue as a pet.
When I used to visit I would look at the dog and say loudly " You're a shih-tzue" which could be taken both ways. :D :LOL:
A while ago on Gardeners world they suggested putting tomato ketchup on the dogs food. We tried it and it worked. Just bought a value bottle of ketchup from tescos and sqirted it the dogs meal, at that time twice a day.
red.yel.blu. said:
suggested putting tomato ketchup on the dogs food.

do you think it tastes better now? or do you prefer it without the ketchup?
You need to be careful using the pills on your dog. My vet told me not to use them under any circumstance as my dog has had bladder problems in the past. I would check with the vet before using any of the pills.

We live with this problem. DH loves his lawn, but my dog has ruined it. He has cut it out and reseeded. We follow her around with a watering can when we can. I think I will try the ketchup and see if that works. She would like that I am sure.
thought i'd add....dogs urine burns just the sis-in-laws boxer makes one hell of a mess of the lawn.
I've forwarded this thread onto her and i'm sure she'll be really grateful for all your info. ;)
I heard the exact same subject on the radio a few days ago. They firstly suggested using ketchup (as has been mentioned) The other alternative (I'm going to do this) is to create a little corner in the far end of the garden where you remove the grass and put a load of bark down (pardon the pun!) and train your dog only to pee and poo in that area. It might take a few days but is well worth it.

It also makes it easier to clear up the poop!
feldri said:
Cut the dead grass away, fork over, tread down level and reseed. Follow your dog with a watering can in future and pour over the infected area to dilute.
Why not a pair of work boots to move 'em on ?? ;)

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