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26 Jan 2010
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United Kingdom
We have sliding patio doors and the lock has broken does anyone if it possible to buy new lock/handle or is a job for a locksmith!
Thank you
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Can you post a picture or a more detailed description of the installation. ie is it full length and have bolts and or hooks.
But an immediate solution (and probably cheaper) is to install secondary patio door locks.
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Will do best to descibe it as camera is broken as is car and boiler so im having a gd wk :eek: sliding double glassed patio doors halfway down door rectangular black handle with silver lock obviously lock can be accessed from inside and out also on the handle are little levers which can lock the door whilst you are home this need sliding up and down when you lock the door but wont budge at mo!!!!many thanks for your help am on my own with kids so could do with a cheapish option lol
Cheapest option, if sliding door is on the inside would be to lay a piece of wood, may be a broom handle, of the correct size, in the track at the bottom. This would stop anyone one the outside sliding the door open.
BUT this is not a permanent solution it will not meet any insurance criteria.
I will see if I can find a picture of what I think you are describing.

thats what ive done a temp measure obv need to get something more permanant sorted as feel nervous everytime i go out although i think they handle may be harder to move than the locked door :rolleyes:
I agree with DC77

if you have aluminium (not plastic) doors, buy two patio door locks such as;j...atio+lock&searchbutton.x=13&searchbutton.y=12

(try to buy them in a pair with the same key) which you can fit with an electric drill and a screwdriver, this will secure your door effectively, while you are working out what else to do

such locks are available at any DIY shed or hardware store, and preferably should be used even if you have a working catch.

A good brand name such as ERA will be more expensive, though I think Wickes sell ERA locks as their own-brand, and Hombase sell Avocet that are OK

if buying on ebay go for a good name
And before you start drilling any holes make sure you arent going to hit the glass, the glass stretches 15mm in behind the aluminium, so drill any holes further in fromthe edge than that, otherwise you'll have a £250 bill for a new DG unit

Be warned ;)
I can not find a photo of what I think you have but it may be a case of adjusting the bolt receiver on the frame. You may also be confused if the door needs to be closed before it will lock. There is often an override on the door that needs to be pushed in before you can operate the handle or lock.
Crank is on the ball with beware of the glass. I have seen the units that are over an inch larger than than the visible size. (and yes I did break the glass).
Chubb 8k119 is one I fit most often and the multipurpose bolt 8k116 if there is enough room.
I don't think I can help any further without the photo.
Good luck.

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