Pavement parking committee

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My emboldening / italics / underlining.
Or are you claiming that, because someone isn't here now, they never were here in the past either?
If ELFimpudence's image is genuine, (I can't find any posts by Himmagin, how did he find it?) then clearly Himmagin did exist, but you say he doesn't now? How do you know and why can't I find any of his posts

I'm not the one making any claim, you are.
Remember this:
Himmy posted something that was, almost verbatim, the above.
Perhaps you'll be good enough to provide us with that message?
I somehow doubt that very much.
If ELFImpudence is able to find posts, why can't you, you're the one making the claim that a post exists.
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At one of our local rugby clubs, there was a huge festival. People came from far and wide and parked all over the grass verges. The police arrived en masse and booked every single car.

BTW, I have driven many 100's of thousands of miles in cars, vans and lorries in my time and never have I parked on a pavement. Just a principle of mine.

I hate with a vengeance people who do. They only have selfish thoughts and don't ever think about anyone else. What about the disabled, the blind and people with prams?

Had an emergency call this morning. I had to call my Chinese (for Jason) mate.
to look at the electrics. The only place to park was on the path. Good on him he drove up the road until he found a space, rather than park on the path.

The local council are erecting knee high fences to stop people parking on the grass. Well done but this will just move the problem that we simply don't have the parking for the amount of cars.
notch was interested that somebody who had used a word 199 times

Oh look: 199 search results

I think it's worthy of note that he does the same thing himself.

error in Quote corrected.
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